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Your Life Under The Stars

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      My mother always said, "when life stops being hard, you know you're dead!" That little saying is a tongue in cheek way to acknowledge that there's always some little problems going on that need to be solved! An unexpected bill might come in the mail right before a road trip, or a new love might come along just when one's romantic life seemed to be making a bit of sense! Life is a collection of organized chaos, or chaotic order if you prefer! It can be exasperating to search for patterns by yourself, but intuitively you may realize that there are repeating patterns and cycles in your own life. Rather than letting them get you down when you notice "oh no, the same thing is happening all over again." You can begin to master your everyday life using astrology!

      Horoscopes are a way of making predictions on those patterns you've noticed in your life. It is possible to do on both a large and small scale. Let's use a weather analogy: Your natal chart is a snap-shot of the astrological "weather" at the exact instant of your birth. It can be very detailed. If it were a literal weather report, it might include how many inches of rain fell that day, and the speed of the wind. If you look at your sun sign horoscope weekly or daily, it is like viewing a regional weather report. If it were literal, this would be analogous to seeing that it was raining New York and Seattle, but sunny in Los Angeles on any given day. Rather than weather regions on a map of the earth, your sun sign is a region on a map of the sky.

      Just as you might want to check your local weather report before planning an picnic, check your horoscope every time that you are planning an event in your life that is important to you. Don't feel "ruled" by your horoscope, but rather, feel empowered. Just like rain on an outdoor wedding event won't necessarily ruin your marriage, a planet void or in retrograde won't necessarily do the trick either. But planning around such phenomenon wouldn't be a bad idea!

      Once you see how powerful astrology works on a large scale event in your life, you'll be quickly converted to using it in your everyday dealings at work, with your friends and family, and in your love life. One simple way to view the power of the sky over your own life is to start keeping a journal on one celestial body. I suggest the moon, since it is easy to observe with the naked eye and has a huge affect on your own life! Each day, record the phase of the moon and check an astrological calendar or ephemeris to find out in what sign the moon is traveling and what other planets are influencing it. Write down the events of your day and start looking for patterns, especially in those things that are characteristic of the moon including anything to do with the feminine and intuition. You can circle and underline things that go on in your day related to those things, and over time, highlight or make notes of patterns that happen in your life with each moon phase!

      Once you're convinced, you'll notice that your horoscope is just like that diary you made of your life and the moon, only including all the planets and it is made for you by an astrologer! The full power of astrology can be brought to use in your life easily by simply reading and trusting your horoscopes as a part of your intuitive framework. For those of you who already have gut feelings and rely a lot on your inner senses, don't be intimidated by your horoscope. You and your astrologer are an intuitive team together and what he or she says does not negate your own feelings, but should still be taken into consideration. By the end of these exercises, you should feel a little more trusting of your astrologer, your horoscopes and yourself as you interact with things in your everyday life and start to see a little bit of order emerging out of the chaos! Bookmark and Share

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