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What The Tarot Can Tell

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      The tarot is a tool for divination consisting of a deck of 78 cards that are laid out in different patterns called "spreads." When looked at in order from beginning to end, the tarot cards tell the life-story of a hero's journey. When they are laid in the spread configuration for you, they can reflect your own story.

      Crystal ball gazing is a different type of tool that fits into the category of "scrying," along with fire gazing, tea leaf readings and other techniques. For this process, the reader begins to tell you about the symbols that appear and how they relate to your journey.

      Divination does not simply "tell the future." If it did, it would certainly still be a neat party trick, but it wouldn't be very helpful! The reason it cannot tell the future is because things are not set in stone! You are in control of your own destiny, and the choices you make now can change your future. Divination can be used to read the energies in your life, and give advice based on your current path. The element of prediction is sort of like forecasting the weather. I can't tell you how many inches of rain will or will not fall tomorrow, but I can advise you as to whether or not it is a good idea to plan a picnic!

      Many choose to use divination frequently to guide their everyday lives. Good times to get readings might include birthdays, the New Year, on full moons or right before an important event such as a wedding or the purchase of a home. Some clients choose to use readings on a daily or weekly basis. To go back to a weather analogy, you might choose to check the weather forecast if you were planning an outdoor event the next day; a reading can be like checking the spiritual and energetic "weather" before stepping out the door to the rest of your life! Bookmark and Share

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