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What's Your Type

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, Max Crowe, all rights reserved. Originally published as "What Women Want" and "Five Types of Women That Will Turn Your Head" on 8/23/2008 and 8/17/2008 in Seduction Nation.

      Ever since grade school, you may have begun to figure out what sort of person your special someone might be. It is human nature to categorize, list and label everything, especially other people! Take a look at the five categories of men that women tend to spot right away!

  • Naughty - They say that "nice guys finish last" and these men are here to prove the point at any cost! These jerks may drink and swear and make a mess, but there will always be at least one woman around to try to change them!
  • Nice - It is common sense that, if you like the way you feel when you're around somebody, chances are you'll like that person too! That doesn't just go for women, but for their families as well! If he is one that you can bring home to mom, then more often than not he'll be around for a while!
  • Nerd - With the computer industry on the rise, it probably doesn't hurt that this category of men is pulling in a high income these days, but the egghead has always been on the menu. There's something about stimulating conversation paired with awkward social mannerisms that will keep some women coming back for more!
  • Jock - Part of his appeal may come from a deep-seated biological imperative to mate with the biggest and the strongest, and part may come from a desire to have somebody around to open pickle jars and move heavy furniture, but the jock will never go out of style!
  • Mr. Right - Ideally being the perfect recipe of all of the above characteristics, this possibly mythological beast has allegedly been sighted several times, usually by well-meaning mothers!
  •       If you thought those categories were oversimplified, just wait until we get into the minds of men! Here are five categories of women that turn mens' heads!

  • Beauty - Particularly in the early and late years of mens' lives, they may be on the hunt for a little arm candy! A little makeup and a lot of confidence go a long way towards making men sit up and take notice!
  • Beast - Men want what they can't have, and this is particularly true of the woman who seems distant, and out of his league! Perhaps as an overreaction to avoid needy women, it seems like playing hard to get may always be a winning game for this type!
  • Sweetheart - There's still a demand for the woman who knows how to cook, knows how to clean, and seems to know her place in the relationship. No matter what the decade, this woman knows that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
  • Skank - Men are visual creatures, and women who bear it all, or at least enough to give him ideas, will always be sought after!
  • Mrs. Right - If she knows how to fix a car just as well as a great meal and a bruised ego, she's probably married. But if not, she's just the one he's been waiting for! Bookmark and Share
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