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What Can You Do With Ten Bucks?

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved. Originally published as "Cheap Psychic Readings" on 6/20/2008 in PsyBlog.

      Very few things are still free these days, even tools and services for spiritual growth. There was a time that all spiritual leaders were supported by their congregations and spent their whole lives sequestered away to their religious work. Today, even the best spiritual leaders have their own lives to live and are fully embroiled in mundane matters alongside the rest of us, and I wouldn't have it any other way! As a result, a person involved in spiritual work has to look out for his or her own needs as well as those of others.

      As a Haitian Voodoo practitioner related to me, "Houngan ou Mambo pa travay pou granmesi!" A Priest or Priestess doesn't work for a big "thank you!" Sure, there are some paths, such as Traditional Wicca, that do not charge payment for training or spell work, but that doesn't mean they have to give it to you either! So what are you to do if you have ten dollars in your pocket and want to spend it on something that will grow your spirituality rather than your piles of clutter in your home?

      With ten dollars you could purchase a used tarot deck and begin working with the cards yourself. You could place the money on a home altar and work with visualizations to draw an abundance of money towards yourself. If you also have an excess of time you could pay for a bus ride or a tank of gas to a local sacred space. Or, perhaps the best use of all, you could [buy a reading]! Contribute to today's spiritual teachers while allowing that richness to bless your own life! Bookmark and Share

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