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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Do you find simple calculations to be relaxing? Are you good at playing strategic games? Do you buy health foods if they can prove to you that they can do what they claim? Are you a proponent of peace to the point that it affects your political leanings? Would you rather your kids be born in a house on a farm than in a hospital emergency room? Are unclear instructions something that will bring your project to a screeching halt? Would you rather not do it at all if you can't do it perfect? If these characteristics sound like you, you just might be a Virgo!

      A Virgo child may have some health concerns in life, whether they be valid close-calls during childhood, or simply a case of being a hypochondriac! A school-age Virgo can sometimes be at the outskirts of the crowd and need to think first before responding. This introverted approach may cause some difficulties in Western schooling early on that can be overcome. A Virgo may need to be gently pushed to try out things that he or she might enjoy, since the Virgo might otherwise spend life on the sidelines. As a teenager, the Virgo may be very emotional and melancholy at times, or may seem suddenly very detached. These mood changes are natural characteristics, but take care that they do not interfere with the Virgo's life! These mood swings can actually be beneficial, or they can mark the beginning of depression. Concerned with cleanliness, the Virgo teen may spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning!

      In the work world, a Virgo will be concerned with evidence that a project is a good idea before moving forward. Though their high mental acuity makes a job with ideas easy to score, Virgos do best with a more practical job, so that all those numbers and concepts end up showing real-world results. Reliable workers, Virgos can be depended upon to take the safe route. A Virgo is into the details and can be meticulous with record-keeping and precise with work on the small things that matter. Kind-hearted Virgos can often make good managers since they don't micro-manage, but they still require results. With a keen, analytical mind, a Virgo would much rather be behind the scenes as the intelligent work-horse, at a computer or in the stock-rooms making the appropriate calculations. Though he or she may not speak up all the time, it pays to listen when it happens, since the insights can be critical.

      A Virgo lover is shy at first, and may seem to be a bit of a prude to some of the more pushy sun signs! A Virgo is not likely to display a wild bid at the emotions of another, and is more likely to move forward when he or she is getting plenty of positive reinforcement. To get past the initial nervousness, it is wise to take it slow with a Virgo and stick to the traditional rules of courting! A Virgo can be very kind, and that kindness can shine through to make him or her attractive to many. The manners of a Virgo can also be very charming, and initial impressions are frequently very good! Once in a relationship, a small slight can sometimes cause a Virgo to be sad for some time, so be careful with a Virgo's feelings. At other times, a Virgo may seem cold and removed, due to his or her ability to politely remove the emotional component from a problematic conversation. Virgo is most compatible with Capricorn and Taurus.

      Being a Virgo can be a tough job. People may not understand your need for the quiet details in life, and may constantly be trying to get you to understand the big picture. You may often feel like you were born into the wrong time, and are surrounded by brutish warmongers. However, the benefits of being a Virgo are that you are always the most important cog in the wheel, whether it be in the workplace or your home. You can always win an argument by remaining cool in the face of the anger of others. And your checkbook is always balanced properly! Bookmark and Share

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