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The Other Side

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved. Originally published as "Journey To The Other Side" on 6/20/2008 in PsyBlog.

      When I first sought to begin my training as a Priestess and Witch, I interviewed several teachers. The one that I was drawn to told me that essentially, a Witch was a shaman, traveling to unseen worlds and bringing back knowledge and understanding. As I began my training, I read books by Joseph Campbell such as "Myths to Live By" and "The Hero's Journey" that expanded upon the idea of shamanism as both a psychological construct and a spiritual concept.

      Three years after I began my career as a professional psychic reader I got a crash course in shamanism and mediumship thrust upon me. After abruptly journeying to worlds seen and unseen without having even had the time to pack my bags, I found myself in a hospital with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Forget my crystal ball! From then on, I could just as easily gaze into my toothbrush if I wanted to see visions! It seems that my dreams of making the hero's journey into the other side to bring back wisdom was coming true, but the work was harder than I thought!

      Had I been born a few thousand years ago, I would have been cared for in a hut by my fellow villagers who would come to me for guidance, but now, I was forced to interact in the consensus reality as well as perform my job as an extraordinary psychic! My life as a modern day shaman was like treading water to keep my head afloat. I could work hard to stay breathing air with all of my friends here in this world, or I could dive into the other side and be completely immersed and away from many that I knew and loved. Never again could I walk completely dry and free of my duties.

      The other side is a difficult place, and though there are many who can see and speak with those on the other side, when you go there yourself you will remain changed forever. For this reason, it is always best to hire a qualified medium to journey to the other side for you, or even simply communicate with those who have made such a journey, rather than attempt to visit yourself! Even those familiar with astral traveling know that you wouldn't exactly want to invest in a time share on the other side! We'll all be there soon enough, but be careful for now and enjoy your time on this Earth. Voodoo Priestess Iya Onifa once told me, "death is like a hungry dog, and you don't want to tempt it!" Bookmark and Share

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