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Alexandra Chauran on The Locals

Originally released as, " Alexandra Chauran Episode 2 The Locals" by Faith vs Faith Productions on 3/16/2010. Transcript follows:

PROJECT THE LOCALS - FULL SERIES from Faith vs Fate Productions on Vimeo.

The Locals
Faith vs Faith Productions

Alexandra Chauran: I got started as a fortune teller basically when I was a kid. I mean, it was part of my growing up and part of my own personal spiritual practice. My parents were very supportive all through my childhood, even though my dad was an Atheist, so he though my mother and I were both nuts. My mother is also a fortune teller, she reads tarot cards, so she likes to call herself a tarot card reader, and I started my business when I was 18 in 1999 and I've been doing that since then and it's the best job in the world!

Alexandra Chauran
Fortune Teller | Seattle

Alexandra Chauran: Hello, my name is Alexandra Chauran, and I'm a fortune teller, which is one of the oldest and most enduring forms of performance art. I'm local to the Seattle area, and fortune telling entails different forms of divination that I do. I'm kind of a divination junkie. So, I learn all different kinds.

      I live in Renton in a house that I own with my husband, and we have 3 dogs and a ferret and a bunch of fish and a snake, and any other pets that might end up our way. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant, which is very exciting for me, and that's a new wonderful thing in my life. I also am getting a book published, which is very exciting. It's about crystal ball reading, it's an instructional book and it's in acquisitions with the publisher right now, so, wish I could give you its final title but I don't quite know yet, so we'll find out what that is later.

      I brought a few things from my bag of tricks, because I do a number of different forms of divination. They're not all here represented, but here are some of the most common. Definitely the most common are the tarot cards, which are a pretty big fad right now. The tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards and each of the cards has a different archetype on the hero's journey, and when they are laid out in specific orders called spreads, they'll tell your own story.

      This is a pendulum which is used for pendulum dowsing. When you hang it like this and allow it to swing freely, it can swing back and forth or in a circle, clockwise or counter-clockwise, and of course it's my hand doing the moving. The pendulum is not supposed to be moving on its own, it's supposed to be an extension of your own subconscious cues. So, even if you're not sure which direction you're going to be moving the pendulum, of course you'll be able to see it indicated pretty clearly.

      This here is a crystal ball, it's an example of several that I have. This one is the largest that I have, it was given to me by my mother, who's also a spectacular reader, by the way, although she prefers tarot cards. This one is made of pure quartz, and when reading the crystal ball, I take a look at the little imperfections and occlusions in it which form symbols which are traditionally interpreted.

      You can find me on my web-site, my little home on the web is at, and you can call me locally at (206) 9-SEE-PSYCHIC, if you want an appointment. My email address is, if you have any questions, or if you'd like to set up a session with me. And, I'm all over the web, even more than Al Gore, so you can probably find me on Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and LinkedIn and all the other kinda' social networks that you can imagine. My name is Alexandra and I'm a local artist in the Seattle area, and you're watching "The Locals."

Alexandra Chauran
Fortune Teller
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