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The Family That Reads Horoscopes Together

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      You can't choose your family! For most of us, the people who were there at or just after our birth, and the people born into our families are stuck with us for life! However, there's more to your birthday and the birthdays of your family members. Astrology and horoscopes can help mediate family issues, determine what family members' traits are part of who they are and what are "just a phase," and even dictate the sort of friendships you and your family members will form over a lifetime with each other and with those in the world at large!

Horoscopes And Elders

      Parents, Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents can be the source of more drama than daytime talk shows! Take out the calendar on which you've marked their birthdays and start following their horoscopes to see the ebb and flow of how the planets affect their energies! Chances are, you'll see more arguments crop up when Mars is active in their sun sign, or influencing what is going on in their sun sign!

Horoscopes And Youth

      The use of horoscopes with children can begin during the family planning process. Of course you know that before planning a pregnancy you should visit a doctor for proper prenatal care. But did you know that visiting your astrologer can help you time your pregnancy so that your child's personality traits will be compatible with your family? If it is far too late for that and you already have a son or daughter on your hands, you may be wondering how such a strange person got thrown in with your family! Check his or her sun sign characteristics to see if the behaviors you are seeing are truly part of his or her makeup, or if it is just another fad!

Horoscopes And Friends

      Though we can't choose our family, if we are smart, we can still choose our friends! Just as you might check your compatibility with a lover by your sun sign, the same sort of easy fit can be found with a friend if you find one that is in harmony with your own sun sign's characteristics! Ask for your new friend's birthday early on in your relationship so that you'll know what to expect! If you move to a new town and are having trouble making new friends, keep your eye on your horoscope to see when are the best times to go out on the town to meet new people, and when might be the time to plan a party to get to know your coworkers more. If Mercury is in your favor, you'll be able to break the ice and feel comfortable talking on a fun or more intimate level.

      In your natal chart, the planets in your third house speak volumes about how your interactions with your family will play out over your lifetime. They call it the "House of Home and Family," but this doesn't just count biological family, but childhood friends, and people who are like family to you. If you are adopted or have adopted children, they can be in your chart just as much as a biological family member would. Learning more about your role in your family through your chart can be an eye-opening experience! In our traditional society, we have certain family expectations that can be blown out of the water. For example, you might find that your mother was not the one taking on the nurturing role in your household!

      Likewise, your eleventh house, the "House of Friendships," will help you understand more about the people who you find to be good companions as you make more friendships in everyday life. According to the planets, you may even find that some ways of making friends are easier for you than others. Some active planets in your house may indicate sports groups are best for you. While others might indicate a quiet, intellectual club or association would be a better fit. Your friendships may seem randomly sprinkled throughout your life, or you may have noticed that it was much easier for you to make friends as a child. By following your horoscopes, you can help make that path easier once again, and you might even renew old friendships or turn the most cantankerous of family members into a fast friend! Bookmark and Share

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