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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Do your friends and family rely on you to figure out complex instructions that they have given up on too easily? Is your closet full of musical instruments or art projects you were once involved with? Do people compliment you on your style and good taste in clothes or home decorations? Does your idea of a fun evening involve cuddling with somebody you love and sharing some good wine and chocolate? Are you going to end up overdoing it on the wine and chocolate? If these descriptions fit you, you just might be a Taurus!

      Taurus, the Bull, born between April 21st and May 21st, can be thought of as slow to give things up in childhood. A Taurus might hate having to go to a first day of school and leave parents behind and put up a big fight whenever a move or big life change is necessary. Big collectors, the Taurus people might have a large selection of toys that they never want to give up! A Taurus may be easily gifted in sports, but anything tactile will appeal to a Taurus child, including arts and crafts. A Taurus can be a talented musician, so make sure to introduce your Taurus child to an instrument they enjoy early in life! Taurus traits can be perceived as feminine, so some pursuits of the Taurus may be those that tend to be traditionally assigned to females.

      Taurus people can tend to be material girls and boys, so a job that brings in enough money to satisfy them will be high on the list of priorities! Sometimes the simple purchase of a new gadget or article of clothing can lift the spirits of a Taurus and make a bad day a thing of the past! Though slow to find their groove in the perfect career of their dreams, they are likely to have good longevity when they find the company that is a good fit! Staying in a tough career that it seems like the Taurus should bail on is par for the course. Their dedication can be mind-blowing! If hard work is in between a Taurus and what he or she wants, consider it done! A Taurus needs stability in the workplace, so it is important to evaluate jobs for their abilities to supply a Taurus with a predictable income.

      A Taurus can be a sensual lover, staying in the moment as long as possible! Romancing a Taurus is a good way to go, since those traditional and almost cliche actions can lead to endless affection! Taurus partners are loyal through and through, which can have them standing by their man or woman through times when others might easily run the other way! A Taurus can tend towards having very conservative values, so marriage and children may be eventual goals. At times, jealousy may rear its ugly head in a relationship with a Taurus, and if it is a battle of wills you're after, you may be in for one long, drawn-out siege! The temper of a Taurus is like a freight train, so while it may be hard to get going, it is equally hard to stop! A Taurus can tend to hold a grudge, so resolution of issues is important so that resentment doesn't grow. For the most stable relationships, Taurus people are compatible with Capricorn, other Taurus lovers and Virgo, but they can be very good matches with other signs as well!

      There are some weaknesses to being a Taurus! You may have to struggle in a lifelong battle with maintaining your weight. You might not be able to take off with one of those flighty careers where you have to think on your feet and the rug might be pulled out from under you at any moment. Break-ups will almost always feel like betrayal to you. However, your strengths are manyfold! Your friends will always be able to count on you through thick and thin. Your life partner will be amazed at your ability to sustain romance in a long-term relationship. And with your natural creative ability, you can always come up with a low-budget birthday gift from the heart when given notice ahead of time! Bookmark and Share

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