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Take the End Relationship Quiz!

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, Wendy Pan, all rights reserved. Originally published on 10/27/2008 in Ezine Articles

      You may already know your relationship isn't rock solid, but is it on the rocks? Have you almost packed up your things and walked out the door several times this month, or week, or day? You may be the sort who thinks it isn't over until it is over, but at this point you might just be beating your head against a wall! It's time to face the facts and decide once and for all whether it is time to end it all, or whether you should leave the door open for the possibility of reuniting with your lover. Put your relationship to the test with the End Relationship Quiz!

1.) Your lover is...
-100 Out of love with or hated by you.
-100 Abusive.
+0   Neither.

2.) You're on a road trip with your lover. You're...
+1 Chatting but bored.
- 1 Arguing endlessly about everything.
+0 Sitting in stony silence.

3.) Your best friend thinks that your lover is...
- 1 The Anti-Christ.
+0 Not the worst person in the world, but thinks you can do better.
+1 The best!

4.) You've argued too late into the night and you both work tomorrow, you...
+1 Decide to talk about it later.
+0 Continue.
- 1 Give up forever.

5.) You bring up something important to you but unimportant to your lover. Your lover...
+1 Humors you.
+0 Argues gently.
-1 Ignores or berates you.

(4) You Aced the End Relationship Quiz! Don't pull the rip cord just yet, your relationship still has life in her yet! Sure, you may have had better days in the past, but there is a great potential for your future. If you've taken this quiz giving serious though to a break-up, you should consider sitting your lover down for a talk and deciding how you should cement your future further. Perhaps the two of you need a romantic getaway, or to make regular dates together to fall in love all over again. Think about finding a way to set fire to your heart again before you burn any bridges!

(1-3) You Passed the End Relationship Quiz! You don't necessarily want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but you aren't out of the water yet! The two of you should think about some serious therapy to get your love life back on track. Find a qualified couples counselor and try a few sessions before you bag it all. Chances are that the problems evidenced here have been around for a while and they aren't just going to disappear on their own. Get help for your problems, and the problems of your significant other, because you have probably both had a hand in creating this mess!

(0) You Failed the End Relationship Quiz! Dump that loser already! The fat lady has been singing for quite some time now. She could use a drink, and you could too by now. You've done everything you can do by now and it's time to move on. Bookmark and Share

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