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Striking It Rich

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, all rights reserved.

      The universe has an unlimited potential for abundance. The big bang sent the stars and the matter that eventually formed you and I whirling into the universe and our exitance continues to expand! The potential for you to be financially secure or even incredibly wealthy is out there for the taking! How can you pluck it out of the star-dust? The answer may lie in your horoscope! When you work with your stars, rather than against them, you'll find yourself better able to funnel money to yourself with more ease and understanding.

      If you choose to seek out and consult a qualified astrologer, make sure that you are clear about your understanding of riches and wealth. Are you satisfied if you have enough to sustain yourself and a little more to share with those you love? Or are you, like me, happy to admit that you'd like to be rolling in money if it were at all possible and aligned with the rest of your dreams? Be straightforward with your desires and willing to be flexible with how you obtain them.

      Are you an earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, concerned with material stability? Are you the type who is likely to work hard from a grass-roots beginning to become the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, or are you the type to receive an incredibly lucky windfall like a Lotto win? Exploring your natal chart can help you answer these questions and more. Astrology can help you learn more about yourself, and the personal characteristics that make you well suited to particular career paths. It is not every temperament that can handle large amounts of money punctuating long periods of poverty! There's even more help that can come from the sky if you follow your horoscope.

      For example, be careful about trading stocks when Mercury is in retrograde. Look for any planets that are retrograde or void of course when buying or selling real-estate! If you have recurring projects at work, try to time them to coincide with the full moon for a rich outcome, or with the waxing moon for a slow but steadily growing capital. With just the shift of a few days or even hours, you can find that you're earning more money than you were before, simply by going with the timing of your horoscope! Try it for a few months and journal the difference that you see in your bank account to see that it really works!

      Have you ever had a moment in your life when the timing of your actions cost you a lot of money? Whether it be deciding whether to hit or stand at a game of blackjack or determining whether this is the right year to sell your house, there is a time and a place for everything. Having your horoscope under your belt gives you the knowledge of when is the right time to take action for rapid growth, and when it is best to sit back and count your blessings!

      If you're ready for the right moment, watch for what Mars is doing in your horoscope. If you're looking for a "bull" market, forget about Taurus the Bull and look to Mars for the decisive energy that you need to focus. Look back to the moon for more subtle actions that you can work with in your daily interactions at work and to Jupiter if you want to be in the place of strength for sitting back and planning strategic investments for your future.

      In summary, your horoscope is but one of the valuable tools that you can use to increase your money and make your financial outlook more bright. It doesn't negate the need for other external help. Your astrologer is only one part of your intuitive team. Of course a financial planner can help you with specific banking products. Just because you have money in your stars doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to plan for your retirement! Your horoscope does not replace other valuable advice. However, your horoscope can be your foundation to determine your own predispositions and it can be the scaffolding on which you can build yourself a wealthy future! Bookmark and Share

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