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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Do you have the tendency to hurt peoples' feelings with icy sarcasm if they seem unaware of their own stupidity? Do you have at least one ex who is absolutely afraid of you? Do you like to have control over the television remote? Do you hate it when people on the bus or strangers in restaurants ask you personal questions? Are you honest to a fault? Have you burned more than a few bridges in business and personal life when you've had enough? Have you overcome incredible adversity to become a success? If some of these traits describe you, you just might be a Scorpio!

      Scorpio, the Scorpion, includes those born between October 24th and November 22nd. Though Scorpio traits are considered traditionally "feminine," there is nothing demure about a Scorpio! As a child, the Scorpio can be stubborn, which is actually beneficial in the face of any trials and tribulations. Resilient Scorpio children rise from the ashes unharmed or transformed by the experiences! Shy Scorpio children may have trouble making lots of friends, but the friends they do make will be lasting. A young Scorpio should be enrolled in competitive sports or other ways for him or her to experience winning. As a teenager, th e Scorpio can be angry and moody, with a sharp tongue that exasperates parents. A Scorpio parent can be very protective of children and can be downright dangerous if the safety of the household is threatened.

      A Scorpio needs a job that is reliable and will keep food on the table and shelter over the head at all costs. Scorpio, the survivor, can handle the rug being pulled out from under him or her, however! In business dealings, a Scorpio can use his or her ability to intimidate others as a strength. If at first the Scorpio doesn't succeed, it only makes him or her more determined to try again and try harder! It is important for the efforts of a Scorpio to be recognized and applauded appropriately. A Scorpio requires fair superiors in the work place. If a Scorpio is slighted, it will not soon be forgotten, and can lead to professional but cut-throat behavior, or the type of resentment that can cripple a business. A Scorpio has no tolerance for apathy or idiocy. The incredible perception of a Scorpio can be harnessed in a career to understand what is best for the Scorpio, and thus, for everyone else!

      Those who love the Scorpio have to have a soft spot in their heart for a dry sense of humor and a sometimes grating wit! Though the traits of a Scorpio may seem harsh, they have magnetic personalities and draw others into their worlds easily! A Scorpio is known to be an intense lover. I can be "all or nothing" with a Scorpio! This is because, below the surface, a Scorpio has a very deep emotional capacity. It is important to keep regular communication open with a Scorpio, as resentment can grow quietly under the surface until one day the Scorpio is out the door without another word! Young love can be extremely passionate to the point of being obsessive. If a Scorpio isn't careful, he or she can become a controlling lover, who is emotionally manipulative to the point of being cruel. A crush can be almost too overpowering! Once older, however, the devotion of a Scorpio can be directed properly towards equally loyal partners. A Scorpio scorned can become very vicious after a break-up, so be careful of any revenge tactics! Scorpio is most compatible with Cancer, Pisces and Virgo.

      Being a Scorpio can mean that some are driven away by your harsh criticism or by your tendency to not be "serious" about some serious issues. However, being a Scorpio can also mean that you will be around long after your enemies have tucked their tails between their legs and left. You'll always have a strategy or a game plan to go on in life. You can be trusted to keep a secret at all costs.. Having a Scorpio friend means that you have a friend for life. Having a Scorpio enemy might mean that your life can be very hard, indeed! Bookmark and Share

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