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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      When you were a kid, did you know exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you have friends who are so different from each other that they wouldn't be seen in the same room together, and yet you accept them each easily? Does freedom get your vote every time? Are you the comedian in your group of friends? Would you give everything you own to a trusted friend and travel the world at the drop of a hat if you had the means? Do you tend to set higher goals for yourself than others might set for you? Are you quick to take risks in career and in love? Are you still friends with your ex? Do you tend to expect the best in people, even if they disappoint you time and time again? If one of these phrases fits you, you just might be a Sagittarius!

      Sagittarius, the archer, includes those born between November 23rd and December 22nd. As children, they can tend towards "masculine" traits, and might be described as little monsters that can act like little angels at just the right moment! Daring Sagittarius can be easily persuaded to get up on stage, or try out a new activity that hasn't been done before. Easily given to making friends, a Sagittarius has an eye to the future hoping that he or she will have best friends forever! Religious connections can be important for a Sagittarius youth to make. Temperamental as a teenager, the Sagittarius can be overwhelming to some people. The blunt honesty that a Sagittarius develops in childhood can last a lifetime. It is important for a Sagittarius to temper his or her religious understanding with a bit of reality, so sometimes charity work for a Sagittarius through a religious organization can be just the eye-opening experience he or she needs.

      A Sagittarius in the company is a good way to keep up with t he times and make sure that you're always pushing the envelope! Sagittarius can draw in many different influences to help the company, so he or she does well in a role where being resourceful is key. A generous boss, the Sagittarius is likeable enough to rise up the corporate ladder because he or she gets restless when doing the same thing for too long. In some cases, the Sagittarius may actually be much better in a job with a lot of air time but very little responsibility. For all his or her skills in talking and dealing with people, sometimes the important details fall between the cracks and will need to be picked up by somebody else!

      In some cases, the Sagittarius has the kind of insane optimism that can be a negative trait when choosing a lover! The Sagittarius may seem full of him or herself, but that kind of bravado can be very attractive to his or her match! Also, a Sagittarius is unlikely to shoot somebody down cold, preferring to keep things on friendly terms. In a relationship, some Sagittarius people can tend to seem like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, seeming rough and rowdy at some times, but perfectly refined at other times. A story or argument can be easily exaggerated by a Sagittarius! A skilled partner can channel these wonderful traits into the appropriate contexts! Sagittarius is most compatible with Aries and Leo.

      Of course the burden of being a Sagittarius is the burden of all those with the vision to see the future they want. Some of your wild and crazy dreams may never come true. Though you're unlikely to be a complete doormat, you'll have to be careful of those who take advantage of your generous nature and your boundless capacity to forgive. You see the good in everyone, but not everyone may be able to see the good in you! The good news is that a Sagittarius can always find a home with the party people, or the polite intellectuals. Your duel nature can ensure that your loved ones can always be loved just for who they area. And every once in a while, some of the zany schemes of the Sagittarius actually work out well for all concerned! Bookmark and Share

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