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Pro-Psychic Pros and Cons of Independent and Contract Work

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      "Thank you for calling the psychic network, my identification number is..." For some, it is a matter of pride. For others, it is appalling! So, you've decided to become a professional psychic. Maybe the old nine to five job wasn't for you, or perhaps you've been begged by your family all your life to share your gifts with the world! Now that I'm ten years into my family business, I can still remember how vital some of those first decisions were, so I'd like to present to you both the benefits and the drawbacks of working as a psychic for a company or for yourself!

Working For A Company


      When first starting out, working for a company can outshine self work, since it is hard to combine both learning the psychic trade with learning how to own your own business! Finding the right company can be key for the benefits that they offer! Some telephone lines or on-line companies can pair you up with a mentor, or introduce you to a community of psychics that can help you improve your work. Years after the public fiasco with "Miss Cleo" and the "Psychic Reader's Network" put hot-lines in a bad light, some of them have worked hard to be ethical, policing their lines appropriately for clients that might otherwise give you a hard time and even sending you a gift for the holidays! Companies usually value their readers' privacy, allowing you to work under an alias without clients knowing your phone number or contact information or anything about you, keeping you and your family safe. Companies take care of all your advertising, ensuring that your phone will be ringing off the hook! Working for a company either on-line, on the telephone might mean that you don't have to worry about processing the money or pricing, with some companies even offering direct deposit. It can be easier and more secure feeling to be receiving a regular paycheck from a job, and very rewarding since many companies offer special bonuses for working longer hours or other exemplary service.


      When deciding whether to work for a company, make sure that you're not going against any core values that drew you away from other lines of work in the first place! Make no mistake! You'll be working for the company's best interest, not your own, and in some cases, not the clients'! Though less common in this day in age, there was a time when almost all hot-lines had a strict quota of average minutes for you to reach, and in some cases, this still happens. One company for which I've worked even pushed their readers to ask each client to take a customer survey, while the client's money was ticking away during a time they should have been getting a reading! The same things that protect you when you're working in a company also limit you. Most companies don't allow you to give out your own contact information or any "off-site" information. So if you're hoping to promote yourself or to recommend a book or a web-site, you cannot. Most companies don't allow you to set your own price, which can be very limiting. For example, the industry average here in the United States is currently about $0.30 per minute. That may seem to be fair $18 an hour, at first. Be realistic! You won't be talking every minute of every hour of your work day. Also, when you remove at least a third of that for taxes, your maximum potential earnings might be less than minimum wage in your state!

Working For Yourself


      When working for yourself, not only do you have unlimited earning potential, but your activities are unlimited! You can become close, personal friends with your clients. You can set your own prices and raise or lower them at will. When I want to do telephone or email or chat readings all day long, I can. When I want to read at a city fair or even on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, I can! You can't suffer burn-out unless you burn yourself out!


      So you've decided you're a psychic now. Why isn't your phone ringing? Owning your own business means bootstrapping yourself. You do all your own advertising, and you screen all of your clients, from the good to the very bad. You become a public figure of sorts, since often times your face and name must be tied to the real you, especially when doing in-person readings. You've now got to get yourself a business license, and comply with all your regional laws. You've got to track all of your earnings and pay annual, and in some cases quarterly, taxes! When you work for yourself, you're a part-time psychic and a full-time business owner! Bookmark and Share

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