Professional Goals Statement

      When I was a school teacher, educators had many buzz words and phrases. One of my favorites was ďthe bird at the window.Ē This was an illustration for opportunities for learning. When the right moment occurs, all the teacher has to do is to open the window and let the bird in. But if the teacher misses the bird, or tries to force the issue, catching the lesson will be much harder for the student. Upon reviewing my education, including membership in honors societies, making it to the deanís list, and receiving excellent grades in the sciences as an undergraduate and a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average on my Masterís, I noticed a gap in my personal knowledge. Public administration and influencing governance in my world was one thing missing, and the Doctor of Public Administration Program was my bird at the window.

      My career has recently taken a direction towards writing and working with excellent publishers. Iíve currently been published in nineteen books, a dozen of which are standalone print titles naming me as the sole author. In the next one to two years, I will continue my prolific writing streak to produce at least three books a year for a major publisher. In December How to Talk to Me After Iím Gone will be released, and next year I will release 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Abilities, Clearing Clutter, and 365 Ways to Connect With Spirit. Iíve pitched several titles for the following year on the subjects of divination exploring various cultural practices, on self-help techniques for mental grounding, and on ethics, including the common injunction to harm none. Iím taking on limited apprenticeships with my small business, which allows me to focus my teaching skills on one apprentice at a time.

      In the next five to ten years I will increase my influence and reach as a futurist through my writing. I plan to branch out into other publishing and speaking opportunities as they arise. I hope to write textbooks about public administration and changing the world. I also look forward to many opportunities to publish papers on topics such as ethics and metaphysics in peer-reviewed journals, and collaborating with other scholars on whatever inspires me. I will expand my ability to write both from a phenomenological approach and a hermeneutical one. My teaching experience will allow me to become a frequently requested public speaker. It is my hope that I will be both a resource and a mouthpiece for future legislation. Public administration is a service, and this is my ministry.

      My professional values include: Compassion, daring, generosity, gracefully surrendering pride of place when necessary, honor, humility, knowledge, power, silence when needed, strength and a strong will. My aspirations already match my current path, and my philosophy is paradoxically ambitious and laissez-faire. Nobody can force that bird at the window, and yet I am in control of my own destiny. My goals are what I am already becoming, and I take great pride and comfort in that fact.


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