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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Do you find yourself easily taking on the accent of the people whose regions you visit? Do you easily advocate for others, taking on their fights as if they were your own? Do you fit into several "stereotypes" according to the things you do or what you wear? Are you likely to go along with the majority rule on what restaurant to patronize on any given night? Do you rush in to the rescue when a friend is in need, even if he or she deserved the trouble that has arrived? If any of the above statements sound like you, you just might be a Pisces!

      Pisces, the fish, includes anybody born between February 20th and March 20th. As children and especially teenagers, Pisces are emotional. They learn to talk early, and can often talk through their feelings day and night! At a young age, the Pisces imagination shows up with daydreams and wild fantasy games. They may shift behaviors wildly depending on with which friends they are currently associating, which can cause early concern to parents. Some of this concern can be very right if your Pisces falls in with the wrong crowd! As the Pisces grows older, they fit into a family well because they will bend over backwards for those they love. Pisces can easily make friends because they have a boundless capacity for empathy, even for those with whom they share very little in common. A Pisces stands very strongly by his or her beliefs, whether they be religious, political, or of another important nature.

      A Pisces can be a very hard worker, giving up almost everything for his or her career if not careful! Very useful and adaptable, it can be almost impossible to fire a Pisces since they always seem to fit in so well with any position and can easily make themselves indispensable! However, they can have some very impractical ideas that can send everyone down a wild goose chase, which may gain some dislike from those who have had their time wasted! A Pisces should thus choose a job that allows creativity to run wild in a constructive way. Anything that allows a Pisces to care for the needy, whether in the workplace or as a side hobby or obsession, will fulfill a Pisces. A Pisces may be flexible, but he or she needs goals to pursue, so feeling like he or she is floating around in a world of unimportant things will quickly cause the Pisces to lose interest! Don't try a quick fix solution, either. Though temporarily gullable, the Pisces will intuitively see through a facade.

      Pisces can be very charming and sexually attractive to others! Their imagination and capabilities make them very competent as lovers! Within a relationship, a Pisces can be very self-sacrificing, often to a fault since resentment can build over the long term if such efforts are not returned in full by the deserving partner! Pisces are labeled as traditionally "feminine" because they can tend to take on the role of a caretaker. A Pisces can see things from their partner's eyes, which can be a benefit when finding a compromise, but can also lead to manipulative arguments! However, the tables can be turned since some partners take on a Pisces since he or she seems so malleable! A Pisces, blinded by love, can end up agreeing to anything, and then finding themselves to be the fool! The Pisces can be a compassionate lover, and sympathy for the other person may cause a relationship to not end when it should. A Pisces would much rather escape without anyone else being harmed in the process. Pisces is most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio.

      The benefits of being a Pisces are many! You are at home with friends who are as different as night and day! The only problem is that you might not know how to act when you are all in the same room together! A Pisces can always be counted on to treat every little cause as something to be rallied around! Lifelong friendships are just a side-benefit of being around a Pisces as he or she reaches out to join hands and mend hearts. Bookmark and Share

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