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Ouija Board

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      Unlike most kids, the Ouija board wasn't my first experience with divination or the supernatural outside of church. However, like most kids, I've had those fun experiences that are exciting to recount! Like the time, as a teenager, I used the Ouija board with my staunch atheist boyfriend of the time. We were in my parents' old house and we made a game of it.

      The spirit named herself Molly Blakeland-LaRue and claimed that she had lived on our property and died of consumption. She went to a nearby school, Juanita, and played the flute in the band. My boyfriend was shocked when he thought she was going to spell "French horn" and his thoughts weren't played out on the board. Nevertheless, he wrote it off as his subconscious dreaming. Later, when we went to pick up a movie at the library, he pointed aghast at a historic map on the wall of nearby property. Right where we had been using the board it said had been owned by the LaRue family!

      We ran to the newspapers and looked up her name. The birth and death dates she had given us were confirmed, and there was a newspaper article about her flute playing! We contacted a local historian and he sent us her photo in front of the school and confirmed her death by tuberculosis. He even confirmed an odd spelling of her name that she preferred and used on the Ouija board even though the newspaper and records had printed it differently. He was so excited with this, and other information we had gotten out of her that he e-mailed us moments after we had e-mailed him, even though it was after midnight!

      When used properly, or even in this case improperly, the Ouija board can provide truthful information. However, that doesn't make it the perfect font of knowledge! Just because spirits are in a world beyond our own doesn't mean they are privy to, or willing to share, certain information! Always use an Ouija board with caution and with the respect it and the entities to whom it gives voice deserve. Bookmark and Share

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