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Not All Psychics Are Created Equal

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved. Originally published as "Choosing A Psychic Advisor" on 6/20/2008 in PsyBlog.

      Choosing the right psychic consultant isn't the same as buying toys on eBay, despite what the rating systems and checkout carts on-line might have led you to believe! That's no reason you can't use these marvelous tools to decide who is best for you without wasting anyone's time! If you're reading this article, you've already found a reputable network of psychics, which is half the battle! However, there are some "do's and "don'ts" for selecting your psychic from among the ranks. After all, you and your psychic could be starting a business relationship that could last a lifetime!

      Don'ts: Don't ask for a free reading for "proof" that the psychic is "real." Not only does that often come off as rude to a psychic who values his or her services greatly, but it is rarely the right way to start an honest business relationship. If you asked a doctor or a financial planner to give you their services for free and then maybe... Just maybe... You will use them again as a paying customer in the future, it would not go over well. Likewise, a qualified and skillful psychic will already be successfully busy and, at best, may laugh at your request for a freebie. Don't ask a number of psychics the same question or a question you don't need the answer to in order to judge them all in a row. Although this may seem a logical approach, you don't want somebody who works hard on something you don't need! Don't leave a scathing review simply because the psychic did not meet your expectations. The psychic will appreciate honest feedback and objective recounts of their performance, but cruelty won't help anyone. Everyone has a different style, and what might seem like a "rushed" reading to you could be just the quick and breezy rapport that another client is seeking!

      Dos: Do read the feedback and testimonials left by other clients. Go ahead and ask the consultant for references. This is matter of course, and a successful psychic won't be insulted by this process. Do take notes from your reading. Even if the psychic might seem a little off in the moment, things might come to pass later and you want to keep track of which psychic served you well! Do give your psychic feedback, even if the reading did not meet your expectations. Your psychic is dedicated to honing his or her craft! Do set up repeat appointments with your most trusted psychic! The more you use spiritual readings to guide your life, the more benefits you will see and the better skilled you will become at using the guidance your psychic has to offer. Also, chances are that your psychic is very popular, and would like to make time for you in his or her busy schedule just like you might make repeating appointments with a therapist or an instructor. Do show your gratitude and tip your psychic well. Creating a positive relationship from the very beginning can be a great way to start a positive lifelong friendship with your psychic, and encourages psychics to keep up the effort to help others with their gifts, even if they are not the right psychic for you. Bookmark and Share

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