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Managing Money

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      If you're like most Americans, you have considerable credit card debt to pay off. Some of this may be admittedly your fault, especially if you are young and new to credit card use, or if you have other debts and financial obligations that cause you to need to shuffle money around more than a mob boss! Traditional advice about hiding your credit cards and only using cash may be laughable in today's world and your present situation. I remember my husband literally freezing his credit card, by placing it in a plastic bag full of water in our freezer until it was quite impossible to use unless he spent hours thawing it out. Guess who was using the hair dryer for the first time in his life soon after?

      In the modern world, and especially on the Internet, it can often be impossible or inconvenient not to use a credit card to pay for purchases. For psychic readings, for example, the nature of the service may be urgent, depending on the circumstance. If a client needs to decide whether it is a good idea or not to purchase a particular house, he or she may be outbid by the time a check clears! So how can one use plastic responsibly? Money itself is like energy, and seeing its emerging patterns in your own life may be the first step towards allowing psychic readings to become a part of your budget.

      If the word "budget" there scared you, you're not alone. Many people shudder at the idea of "budgeting." For my mother, it brings back memories of my grandmother keeping separate envelopes full of cash. Each one was marked carefully with things like, "rent," and "electric bill." The one that had money in it for candy rewards at the end of the month would often become thinner and thinner until it was empty and dessert had to be forgotten. For my husband, budgeting means staying hunched over his check register for hours, cursing under his breath as he double and triple checks his math, searching for lost pennies. I think the idea of figuring out a budget would give him more than his recommended daily allowance of math!

      For your own budgeting situation, I'll start out by giving you a tiny taste of theory, and then a quick-fix system you can try for yourself. Let's start by looking at your frequent payments. Not only do you need to set aside money for bills that stay the same and the ones that fluctuate a little bit, but you also have to set aside money each month for possibilities such as a broken car or a trip to the vet. One way to do this is to set an amount each month for those possibilities. If the worst doesn't happen, put that amount into savings. Be your own "insurance!" Next, make sure that you're contributing to a retirement plan for yourself. It doesn't matter how young you are, start now! If you already have all that covered, make sure you start building even more of an emergency safety cushion in your savings account. Many financial planners recommend keeping the equivalent of about six months worth of paychecks in savings!

      Now that I've made you insecure about your savings, how can you ever justify allowing yourself the simple pleasures in life again? Did you ever have an allowance as a child? If so, start re-living that childhood, if not, you're in for a treat! When you budget in a set dollar amount as an "allowance," you'll stop having that cranky moment after bill paying when you realize you have very little left. Even better, you'll stop all that worrying about whether or not to spend money on something. If it's in your allowance, you can blow that money on that new purse! That's what it is for! So how do you do all this without a lot of labeled envelopes? The same Internet that limits your check writing also saves you a lot of math hassle. Consider keeping all that emergency money in a high-yield savings account. Once you've put away your budgeted money, you can leave your play-money in your checking account and check the balance on-line whenever you need to! Pay with your debit card. That way, you can treat yourself to as many psychic readings as you need without worrying about whether you should cut yourself off! Don't be surprised if your money outlook readings drastically improve! Bookmark and Share

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