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Why Don't Psychics Always Win The Lottery?

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009. All rights reserved.

      "It's just another day," Jorma Hogbacka said of the day he won over fourteen million dollars. “It’s just another day because that’s how I feel. I felt this was going to happen." Jorma is a sixty year old, divorced, semi-retired welder with no children from St. Catherine's Ontario who was told by a psychic that he would win the lottery. A man of incredible faith in his psychic, Jorma spent up to sixty dollars every week for twenty-five years on lottery tickets! When he won a smaller amount, he knew that was just the beginning. The day he saw his winning numbers, he didn't run to to claim his money. He coolly slept in and checked when he was ready. “I don’t have to rush. If it’s there, it’s there." With the confidence his psychic gave him, you don't have to be psychic yourself to know that he or she is going to be getting a very big tip, indeed!

      With a trusted astrologer, it is possible to help determine your winning lottery numbers, or even your big day! At first, it may be very difficult to believe, indeed. After all, if everyone in your sun sign had their horoscope predict a lottery win on the same day, not everyone would win. And if they did, it would certainly be annoying to have to divide the prize with everyone born on a certain span of months! However, consider that not everyone buys a lottery number on the day that a windfall is predicted for them. Perhaps they are missing their one chance!

      Let's use pregnancy as an analogy. We all know that in order for a baby to be conceived, there are millions of sperm in the running to fertilize one egg! However, if the woman and man do not unite during a fertile time, not one of those have a chance at their lucky day! Make sure that your own chances are optimized for success if you have a dream of winning the lottery! You can also save a bunch of money by not buying tickets on the days that are not most auspicious for your own winnings.

      So, how do you know if astrology is the right tool to help you win the lottery? Begin by consulting your natal chart with your astrologer. Certain planets at birth may foretell the potential a great win later on in life! If you already have a predisposition for luck in money, you can then start choosing the right days and times to buy your lottery ticket. You'd do well to bide your time until planets are in your sign that indicate things going in your favor, such as Jupiter and the Sun, but you'll do even better if you wait for the planets to align with each other in a way that supports a win.

      Once you know what days you plan to invest your money in lottery tickets, pay attention to horoscopes that give lucky numbers. You may have already read stories of incredible lottery winnings that came about from people playing their own birthdays, or the dates of important events in their lives or the lives of their loved ones. Intuitively, they are understanding that the events in our lives form patterns in our destiny. Plan to take this knowledge one step further. The planets and their positions are related to numbers, and numerology has long been used as a way to spiritually understand the universe and the patterns within it. Choosing the numbers that have been reflected in the sky above can help your chances here on the Earth below!

      Finally, don't let yourself get discouraged. If it was simple to win the lottery, every astrologer would already be rolling in piles of cash rather than helping you make the best attempt possible. It may take many tries, and it may take many years. Jorma prayed for decades before his big win finally allowed him to retire and plan a relaxing trip to the Carribean. “Faith is the answer," he says encouragingly. After all, nobody ever won the lottery without getting a ticket first. “The Bible says, ‘You ask and you shall receive.’" Jorma says simply, "I asked,” Bookmark and Share

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