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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Do you easily slip into the role of "devil's advocate?" Are you sometimes late due to finalizing a tough decision at the last minute? Is peace one of your deepest values? Do you find yourself defending your frivolous purchases quite effectively to incredulous friends and loved ones? Can you invite your greatest enemy to a party and still be cordial? In fact, are you likely to invite your greatest enemy to a party just so that all the other guests will notice and approve of what you are doing? If these traits sound a little bit like you, you just might be a Libra!

      Libra, the scales, includes those born between September 24th and October 23rd. Assigned a traditionally "masculine" series of characteristics because of the ability to be cool and analytical, the Libra can of course be either male or female. A very open and talkative child, the Libra can easily be a peacemaker in families in which divorce or other feuds are a problem. Despite the Libra child's excellent skills in this realm, they are very sensitive to conflict, and so family counseling may be of great benefit to the troubled Libra so that they do not bring negative conflict avoidance strategies into adult relationships. Libra people do not like to air dirty laundry, so being discrete is key. As a teenager and adult the Libra can be very social and need to have people around them!

      A Libra is a very fair manager in the workplace, and can also be counted on to do excellent detail-oriented work. Nothing escapes the careful eye of a Libra! A Libra can also be trusted on the front lines to be diplomatic about even the most outrageous of company dealings! A Libra is good at negotiating things so that superiors or clients think it was their ideas all along! A Libra does not work well in an isolated position and needs people around on which to bounce ideas! Libra people are very creative, so allow them room in this area in a career and they can blossom! Libra people can enjoy fighting for the underdog, so give the Libra the opportunity to tackle that tough project that doesn't have much sympathy from others!

      As a lover, the Libra can be playful and charming but very grounded in the real world! He or she is flirty and not shy, but you'll have to provide a good enough reason to catch his or her eye! Once in love, a Libra is a gentle lover who enjoys the pleasure of good company and deep romance! Libra people can tend to be idealistic, with pie in the sky dreams about the perfect relationship. A little sentimental gesture goes a long way with a Libra who notices every nice effort! A Libra must be wary to not enter into an emotionally explosive or otherwise abusive relationship. Though Libra people are adept at walking on egg-shells, that is not the way to live! The classic tact of the Libra can turn into manipulation and deceit when the Libra is cornered! A Libra is accepted as compatible with Aquarius, Gemini and other Libra people!

      The greatest weakness of the Libra is the inability to make decisions without carefully puzzling out all of the details first! From the tiniest dilemma such as where to eat, to the biggest problems such as deciding whether to have a kid, every decision is a production! The empathy of a Libra can be both a weakness and a strength! On the one hand, a Libra can tend to get fooled one too many times by somebody who gets a second and a third chance that shouldn't. You can easily place y ourself in another person's shoes, but that doesn't mean that such a person would do the right thing as you would! On the other hand, a Libra doesn't overlook those people who are diamonds in the rough! When a Libra gives a person a chance who might otherwise have been written off by the world, that person gets a new opportunity to shine in the eyes of their Libra friend and the rest of the world! A Libra is the best advocate! Bookmark and Share

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