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Let Your Ex Miss You

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, all rights reserved.

      Using dramatic, shock and awe tactics to win back your ex may actually have a terribly negative effect, making your ex dig in his or her heels to resist a reunion! A more subtle approach may be necessary, and the gentle touch may allow your ex to feel like it was his or her idea all along to get back together!

      In The Phantom Of The Opera, character Christine makes it look easy to tug at heartstrings when she sings, "think of all the things we've shared and seen, don't think about the way things might have been." Christine is expertly using nostalgia as a powerful psychological tool. How can you use this effectively on your ex? Do your best to recreate memories using all of the senses. The more you can place your ex back in those wonderful moments, the more your ex will wonder why it ever ended!

Smell: Scent is the sense most closely linked to memory. Wearing a perfume or cologne when you are around your ex can send a powerful subconscious signal to remember the good times.

Sound: It is easy to remember the exact thing that you were doing when you first heard that wonderful song. Get him to listen to a tune that was playing when you first made love, when you shared a dance, or even one from a pleasant road-trip together.

Sight: Remembering old television shows or movies that the two of you shared together can be a simple tactic that seems innocent to use! The idea is to let him glimpse back in time those instances which touched his heart, even if they are funny!

Touch: A simple touch of your hand on the arm might send those old feelings back. Making references to moments in time in which you were close in each others' arms can bring back that feeling of warmth.

Taste: If you are a good cook, or if the two of you shared a bite to eat at a romantic restaurant or two, a quick mention of food can easily make him or her hungry for more of you.

      Memories and emotion are closely linked. Sometimes, that can work to our detriment! I'm sure you've had an angry argument in which every single bad memory seems to be brought to light, even if it happened long ago. During a fight, it can sometimes seem impossible to remember one good thing about the person in question! But memories linked to positive emotions can have that snowball effect just as easily. Recalling one loving moment can easily bring to mind another, and another, until soon your ex is reflecting about the good times on his or her own! Bookmark and Share

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