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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Are you worth a day at the spa? Have you had the classic "one that got away" due to your own pride? Is your fashion sense too expensive for the tastes of some others? Would you rather be well known than well liked? Are your credit card bills surprising you with impulsive purchases? Are you the best Secret Santa? Do you like to matchmake or meddle playfully in the relationships of your friends? If any of these traits exemplify you, you just might be a lovable Leo!

      As children, Leo people are most encouraged to work hard when parents show pride in a job well done. Brave Leo kids might take well to the kind of sports and popularity contests at school that might frighten other kids! A Leo child will do well with drama opportunities and can easily score a starring role in a play. In fact, any performing arts can be done well by a Leo, so whether on stage singing or dancing or doing something else, the Leo will draw crowds! Puberty can be a tough time for the Leo, who might be very self conscious about his or her appearance until a love for the self is established! However, the Leo easily makes friends and is energized at parties, often being quite the chatterbox! Behind the scenes though, a Leo can get a bit judgmental, so a Leo does best by focusing on true friends rather than tolerating masses of people he or she barely knows!

      A Leo is more likely to hold a job dear to his or her heart if a name can be made from it, or if it is something that is likely to garner wide-spread adulation. Most happy living in opulence, a Leo needs a job that can support a luxurious lifestyle. In fact, you may find that Leo people often hold high positions in companies, and are leaders in their field. A better leader than follower, a Leo might be a Maverick, but a highly effective one. A look throughout history shows many Leo people have made excellent politicians and entertainers. A Leo can be comfortable in front of the camera, or behind it as long as he or she is the one calling the shots! Send the Leo in to establish strong business relationships, as the Leo demeanor easily breaks the ice and facilitates trust. Like a lawyer, a Leo can use conversation to win any battle. When things are nebulous enough to drive most people crazy, a Leo will thrive on the idea of "what if," and bring home the best prize! Bold Leo people can have the right stuff to move forward after meeting and make the first move in a relationship! Almost like a child, a Leo should be rewarded for "good behaviour" in a relationship if you want to see a repeat performance! The idea of "negative attention" still being the kind of attention a Leo craves applies too well in some relationships! The honesty and openness of a Leo lends itself well to intimacy. The generosity of a Leo can easily sweep a lover off his or her feet! Keeping up appearances can also be important in the social life of a Leo. Once in a relationship, a Leo can be very stubborn and it may often seem that they value themselves more than the relationship, especially in relationships with those of the Taurus sign! A Leo is thought to be most compatible with Aries, and Sagittarius, but Gemini people can also be a very good match.

      The weakness of being a Leo is mainly with those small-minded people who resist stubbornly when you know that you know what is best for the situation! Whether it is helping a loved one choose the best person or career for them, or selecting the right television channel, there's no hiding your feelings when you know your taste is far superior! On the up side, you're faithful to the end, so you earn a lot of trust. You can always be counted on for a creative and fun way to spend a weekend. And if somebody chooses to shine the spotlight on you, you will not disappoint! Bookmark and Share

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