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I've Got My Way With Feng Shui

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, 4HomeandGarden, all rights reserved. Originally published as "I've Got My Way With Feng Shui" on 6/7/2009 in 4HomeandGarden

      Feng shui is not just another style of interior decoration! A powerful form of geomancy, or "earth magic," Feng shui can be used to influence internal feelings and even external life events when used effectively! Of course, ideally, once should hire a professional Feng shui consultant to help use this magical technique in your home or office. After all, it has been studied for many thousands of years, and use of the techniques can take a lifetime to perfect! However, there are some simple ways that you can incorporate Feng shui into your special spaces with a degree of confidence!

      The very first thing most people notice when consulting Feng shui sources are the things that you're not supposed to do! For example, the front door should not be in a straight line without turning any corners as, some say, the good energy may escape and bad things might come in! No ceiling fans or running water in the bedroom, as they might mix up or cut up the flow of energy. Combining your work space with a space for another purpose is bad news, too. The endless list quickly grows tiresome because, perhaps your doorways, plumbing and space constraints are already very fixed!

      The real strength of Feng shui is when you work harder to add things that will invite energy, rather than worrying about things that make your space not the perfect ideal. For example, pairs of things in the bedroom can be good symbolism for love. Displaying fresh fruit and flowers in your kitchen can lift your spirits! Affordable mirrors hung in doorways facing out can deflect negative energy and add beauty to any space! Bringing a touch of Feng shui to your lifestyle may convince you later to create bigger and better changes in your life! Bookmark and Share

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