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How To Keep A Proper Dream Journal

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      The most frequent advice I give to those who want to start developing their own innate psychic ability is to begin keeping a dream journal. Essentially, being psychic means being able to sense and make sense of some perceptions that you may not have worked with frequently before. In the rush of daily life it may be easy to brush off coincidences and shake away funny feelings. However, in the world of dreams you are finally surrounded in a sea of symbols. When you study dream experiences closely, you'll be better equipped to pick out those perceptions in your waking life!

      Okay, so what if you've decided that you want to start writing down your dreams in earnest. The first step is to buy or make yourself a paper journal. Yes, I know there are marvelous journals on the Internet, but the moment you wake up, those alpha brain waves begin to change and resume their waking format and you won't be able to remember the majority of your dreams! Even if you are good at remembering your dreams, you'll notice that there was a lot you missed if you begin to journal. It is important to keep the paper and writing implement so close to your bedside that you don't need to waste precious seconds sitting up or rummaging through a drawer to get at them.

      The next part is the hardest part of all. It takes a lot of willpower to write in a dream journal rather than rolling over and going back to sleep! Write in your dream journal before a trip to the bathroom in the night. Consider keeping a small flashlight with your tools so that you won't wake your significant other. Even tack a few extra minutes on your alarm clock for you to record your dreams. This could be an essential part of your spirituality if you allow your dream vision to take flight! Face this challenge with discipline, as you would any other serious religious study!

      When you've recorded your dreams, come back to them once a month and highlight any events that were "precognitive," meaning that they foretold an event that later came to pass. Also, read through your dreams and circle all the words that are also symbols. On another page, you can tally how many times symbols reoccur in your dreams. If you find this process difficult, re-enter your dreams on and it will help you select dream symbols and show you some common interpretations!

      My father believed that he had never experienced a dream in his life. Of course, that isn't true. All of us experience the Rapid Eye Movement stage associated with dreams in restorative sleep. However, the moment that he woke up, they slipped so quickly from memory that he was certain that they had never existed! If your experience is similar, consider taking a Vitamin B complex daily, as that will help you have and remember your dreams. If you rarely remember dreams and also are having trouble getting restful sleep, talk to your doctor about undergoing a sleep study to search for problems. Hopefully you'll soon be on your way to making a dream journal a part of your spiritual journey and your quest towards being more in tune with your psychic self! Bookmark and Share

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