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How To Get A Guy Back - Four Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, Mark Whitner, all rights reserved. Originally published on 12/16/2008 in Ezine Articles.

      Strategizing on how to get a guy back often has some predictable failures. There may be tearful begging, aggressive interference with concurrent relationships, and what follows can be an even more divided couple than before! Prior to deciding how to get a guy back, you must first consider a few vital questions.

      Why did your relationship end? Choosing a salvageable relationship is key. If your relationship ended due to violence or an unforgivable betrayal, it will carry more resentment than one that ended mutually due to the wrong time in the participants' lives. If the conditions of the previous break-up are no longer relevant, it may be time to give it another try.

      What is your relationship now? When deciding how to get a guy back, it may be a moot point if the guy currently hates you! If you've stayed friends after the break-up, it may be more worth your time than if he won't take your calls and told all of his friends to claim he was dead to you.

      How is his life right now? If he is happily married with children, it may not only be impossible to get him back, but simply not a good idea at all. Likewise, if he is living out of a gutter and has developed an alcohol problem, he may not be the right person to invite back into your life, or even the same person with which you first fell in love.

      How is your life right now? If you "need" him back, it is important to figure out where that need is rooted. Getting your own head together may be more attractive than any other temptation to him! If all of the above questions received positive answers, you may have never truly lost him in the first place! Bookmark and Share

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