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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Have you already worked at least two career paths that couldn't get more different from each other? Do you carry tension in your back? Do you keep a journal? Have you started countless clubs and groups in your life that don't really exist anymore? Is the Internet like a drug to you? Do you like the idea of growing a garden but can't see yourself actually doing all the work and having all that patience? Are you shocked when people continuously call you creative, because you can't remember the last time that you actually created something? Do you wish learning could be your job? If one of these situations describes your life, you just might be a Gemini!

      Gemini children learn how to talk early and don't stop talking until it is very late at night! A love for reading is usually kindled at a very young age as well. However, they can tend to misplace objects easily and might call upon a parent search team to assist! The Gemini child is resilient in the face of many life changes, and can adapt to a situation that might leave others scarred for life! Trouble-making from the Gemini can come from curiosity that drives him or her to experiment in dangerous ways at times! Though many of the pursuits of a Gemini can be considered masculine, they are ultimately very flexible people! During childhood, a Gemini might more easily be labeled with "Attention Deficit Disorder," and the tendency to shift quickly from one activity to another without resolution might persist into adulthood!

      A Gemini needs a career that will challenge the intellect! The short attention-span of a Gemini will be easily bored with a job, and the Gemini might even prefer to hop jobs every few months or years or to be a Jack or Jill of all trades! A job that includes travel may be the holy grail for a Gemini! A Gemini can tend to have difficulties finding his or her first job due to being over-educated, or otherwise not quite yet in the "real world!" A creative career, or at least one that allows imagination is best. Gemini people are very good at generating rapid-fire ideas and getting projects started and off the ground, but may not be as reliable when it comes to the nuts and bolts of maintaining an endeavor for a long period of time! Shrewd in business, a maneuver that might be considered "selling out" by some people is just another way of being flexible to some Gemini people!

      A Gemini is most compatible with Aquarius, other Gemini people and Libra, but he or she can also be a good fit with Aries and Leo, among others! Classically, it has been believed that a Gemini is not a very faithful lover, since he or she can have a tendency to get easily bored by one relationship and find excitement by moving on to another and leaving the previous lover sitting in a whirlwind of confusion, wondering what happened to that perfect relationship! However, a Gemini can be loyal to one love, especially if challenged intellectually and allowed many freedoms. A relationship with a Gemini can go through many transformations, as a Gemini is not only adaptable to compromise, but also can be very persuasive, causing a partner to bend in a way he or she may never have thought possible or desirable!

      A weakness to being a Gemini is a harsh sense of cynicism that might often be directed at yourself or those you love. As much as you might be drawn to some romantic ideals, you have to be realistic about what goals you'll actually sit down and make happen. However, your strengths include being somehow able to talk on the phone while writing something completely different, entertaining others with your sharp wit, and being just superficial enough to not have to be depressed for any terribly significant amount of time! Being a Gemini might mean that relationships and careers are hard work, but it also means that you play equally hard and you can be counted on to the life of the party as long as it is with the right people! Bookmark and Share

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