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Five Signs Your Ex Still Cares For You

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, Jamie Mann, all rights reserved. Originally published as "Four Signs Your Ex Still Cares For You" on 12/17/2008 in Ezine Articles

      Did you regret breaking up the moment that you watched your ex walk away for the last time? Or perhaps you enjoyed the single life for a while, but the dating scene is more like a horror movie than you remember it and you'd like to return to a pair of comfortable arms that you've experienced before? You might find yourself wondering whether your ex feels the same way about you! Here are five signs that your ex still carries a flame for you. The more of these signs that you see, the more likely the possibility of reunion!

1.) Your ex hasn't stuck with anybody new. Has your ex cycled through several significant others with similar hair color to you? If your ex has played the field since the two of you parted ways but seem to be looking to find you in other people, chances are your ex still pining away for the bond that the two of you had!

2.) Your ex asks about you. Did your ex run into your mom on the street and ask how you were doing? Does your ex grill your mutual friends to find out how your dating life has been going since the break-up? If you're still on his or her mind even when you're not around, your ex is definitely not over you!

3.) You're still good friends. Is a comfy movie night at home still on the calendar between you and your ex? Does your ex gently tease you and find reasons to touch you just like a more flirty version of a friend? If your ex cares about you as a friend, he or she may start wondering just why the two of you split up in the first place!

4.) Your ex still has some of your stuff. Let's face it, when a bad break up happens and you know it is over, most of us treat his or her things like they have the plague and dump them in the trash or on the street. If your ex acts like it's okay for your things or even your pet to still hang around the home, it might mean the break-up isn't as permanent as it seemed!

5.) Your ex still calls you often. Does your ex call to just check in and see how things have been going? Are there long phone conversations that last one hour or even more into the night? Are you the last thing your ex thinks about before bed, or the first thought upon waking? As long as these aren't just booty calls, and the above facts are also true, these are sure-fire signs that your ex still cares about you! Bookmark and Share

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