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Feeling Trapped?

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      She needed an urgent appointment that day, so I met with her within the hour. She had been wanting to start her own business for years and recent events made her want to check whether this was the time to get started. The tarot cards were clear, but challenging, telling her it was the right time to start, but that she should prepare for an uphill battle. She asked many clarifying questions and then asked if she could try some other types of divination.

      We spoke a bit about her needs and desires and I recommended that she take a referral to an astrologer, but I had to give her my disclaimer. I told her that seeking a different form of divination just to get a different answer on her current problem wasn't the way to go. She blushed; her secret revealed. I see clients like her revealed when they are followed by the inverted Tower card, representing a feeling of imprisonment. The temptation is great to seek varied readings in the hopes that eventually one will come along that sounds great!

      The path ahead is not always so simple! I spoke to her about how she could change her own destiny and how her reading a few months ago might be very different, or may have certain cards following her if she hadn't yet heeded their advice! The way was clear, but difficult. In her next appointment, I hope she feels set free and that the inverted Tower card is nowhere to be found. Bookmark and Share

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