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Email reading shared with client permission.

Lisa: Well, I would like to know if I should tell my husband that I am leaving him (I am leaving him) or should I wait until I am able to leave (have the money to leave). I am having a hard time dealing with living a lie.

Alexandra: Your situation is the Eight of Wands influenced by the Ten of Wands. Wow, two high Wands cards right off the bat! I can already see that you're a fiery, strong woman, and I don't think you like to take anyone's crap for very long! I think that, if you don't tell your husband outright, you're already hinting with your actions and demeanor! Power like this is hard to hide! You will, indeed leave him, and you feel burned-out and like you've just had enough.

In your destiny is the inverted Two of Swords. Conflict in life can never be avoided entirely. Though you shouldn't act on impulse (meaning, this reading isn't an excuse to fly off the handle at the last straw), this card confirms that you can't have a "fake" peace or an artificial truce. You have to come clean to him about your feelings in as respectful a manner as you can.

We'll skim briefly through the past section of your spread. In your distant past, the Magician card is inverted, showing a lot of confusion. It looks like one or both of you didn't know at all what you were getting into with this marriage. More recently, the inverted King of Swords shows that your husband may be deliberately holding back information from you as well! This card shows that you have the tendency to over-think things when you're making a decision.

In your near future lies the Seven of Cups. Don't be seduced or tricked by an illusion. Again, you cannot be phony or fake, because that's not who you are. Right now, you are the Five of Cups. With loss there is opportunity. Letting go of dispair, your heart can open up again. Internally, the Death card is a powerful, major arcana showing your life at a crossroads as you clear away the old baggage to make way for renewal. Externally, the inverted Five of Pentacles is the first card that your reading has referenced towards money, showing that's not truly what is important to your heart here. This card says you will make a slow financila recovery. This card traditionally says that if a relationship is based on support, either financial or as victims of difficult circumstances, as the foundation of the relationship dissolves the situation will gradually improve. Your final card is the Star. Trust your gut feelings and your intuition right now. It will bring you healing!

Lisa: Thank you! I told him yesterday and I feel like a great weight has been lifted! I would like to know if a future is possible with a man named Thomas.

Alexandra: Your situation is the inverted King of Swords influenced by the Ten of Pentacles. There's already some advice needed to build a healthy future with Thomas. Be careful about communication. Since there's some pain for one or both of you whenever information is withheld, it is best to be honest without cruelty. With this warning is also great promise! There is the potential for a happy family life with many blessings with Thomas. However, it won't be easy! One or both of you has some serious issues to work through. I hope this reading will give you a heads-up on those issues and some advice.

Destiny has the Ace of Wands. Incredible creative energy here! When I see this in a couple's future, it often predicts the birth of a child. When this card come in the more "metaphorical" sense, it simply means that both of you are energetic enough to begin big projects and relationships, however it is harder to sustain them than to begin them! In the past is the Four of Cups inversed and the World card. You both have needed some hard times and stagnation in order to truly appreciate a good future. The World says that in him is both the seed and the world, meaning that he has all the things that you need. However, in the near future comes another warning card, the Tower! Use some patience, because right now is not the time to build the foundation of a future. The ground beneath your feet is rocky and shifting. Wait until the world around you has again become still and peaceful before making any serious decisions or moves involving Thomas.

You are the Five of Pentacles. Loss and dissolution is hard on the soul, even when it is needed. Internally, the Eight of Swords shows you feeling free from restrictions. Obstacles will go away and you will make progress in your life, but just be careful that you aren't spiteful! Externally, the High Priestess reminds you to always trust your intuition enough to make your dreams manifest in the outside world. That doesn't mean you have to rush! It just means don't throw them away! Your final card is the Nine of Pentacles showing a great potential for financial stability and personal success in your future.

Lisa: Are the past cards our cards together? We were once married. We have two children, one we gave up for adoption we reunited with last February and have been talking ever since. This, of course, was twenty years ago. We have always loved each other, but I felt he didn't want to be a father, so when I got pregnant with our second child I left him, so there are plenty of past issues. I'm willing to wait for him to want to be a family but I don't want to be hurt or used by him.

Alexandra: Yes, the past cards represent the two of you together. The child part of your reading is very prominent, so make sure he's ready to be a family before building a future with him.

Lisa: This is going to be the beginning of a great friendship! Love this reader! Thanks! Talk to you again next week! Tell me what ever you see... Ask my guide (spirit guide. I call her Rose ) if she has anything she needs to tell me.

Alexandra: Your first card is the inverted Seven of Wands. Boy, it has been a struggle, hasn't it? You have had to endure other peoples' objections and felt overwhelmed, but now that you've made the hard decision, you're ready to welcome success into your life! The Ace of Pentacles says little by little the financial situation that has gone sideways will right itself again! A new door here says you're on the verge of getting money you need. Perhaps a new job or project is in order? The inverted King of Cups says don't yearn for another committment too soon, especailly if he seems unable to do so! You really do have that stability coming up in your future, as long as you're careful! Beware of somebody who is abusing either drugs or alcohol. This kind of escapism can be dangerous, of course!

Lisa: Great, as always, thanks! I'm ready, oh so ready for my weekly three-card reading, thanks! Same as last week! Talk to Rose.

Alexandra: Okay! Here's your message from Rose this week! The inverted Seven of Wands says part of growing older and getting more mature means being able to delay your gratification. Rewards will soon be coming for all the waiting you've done already! Remember not to let others' thoughts impede your success! The only person's judgement that matters is your own! Moving along from inverted Seven of Wands to the inverted Eight of Wands. If you see a situation that seems to drag on without conclusion, shift your attitude and shift it again until you see it moving forward!

Finally, in your future is the Four of Pentacles. Build your wealth carefully and use your power wisely. This is your foundation, but it shouldn't be a preoccupation. If you find yourself withholding compassion or worrying about relationships because of money, stop and think some more. Money doesn't protect you from inner loss. Root yourself strongly in the world and flourish with the sense of inner-strength this gives you!

Lisa: Great, as always! Try her, you won't be sorry! I'm going to try the new deck this week!

Alexandra: Thanks for the bonus! I appreciate it! Here's your Special Offer tarot reading with the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot. Hopefully you'll find this helpful! I'm assuming you'd like me to get a message from Rose for you with the deck, so here you go!

Your past influence is shown by the Rada spirit of Legba. You've accomplished many tasks in your life simply with words. When obstacles are removed, the door is wide open! Voodoo practitioners would leave a gift of pipe tobacco outside for Legba to increase that influence in future life.

Present influences are the spirit Madame la Lune who reminds you that orderly cycles return you to beginnings. Notice the enchantment and happiness associated with different points in the cycle. Give her white seashells to notice more of this happiness returning again and again.

In your future lies the Carnival card encouraging you to seek physical release to relieve your stress! Sacrifice bright cloth and beads to enjoy more joys of the flesh. In the invisible world is the Zombi card telling you that you must only sacrifice anything of your free will. If you find yourself being forced, it decays your spirit. If you find yourself feeling sapped, write a statement about which you feel strongly and cast it into a fire. In the visible world Oludumare is manifest. Allow yourself to focus on the material and notice what affect it has on your life in times of "weath" and "poverty" of such things. Sacrifice a material symbol of an aspiration of yours to bring it about.

I hope you enjoyed this type of reading!

Lisa: You are great, as always! Much happiness to you! A regular ten-card this week, please.Tom... Ask Rose what she thinks about Thomas, thanks...

Alexandra: Here's your ten-card tarot reading on what Rose thinks about Thomas! The situation shows the Eight of Cups and the King of Cups! Two emotional cards right off the bat! Sometimes to seek a higher purpose you have to let go of one thing to move onto the next! Stepping away is not necessarily a rejection of one thing, but the embracing of another! Rose thinks Tom is a compassionate man who can be wise. He is responsible and mature, which can sometimes be a life-conflict because responsibility can keep a person away from the freedom of an artistic and inspired life! He is caring, cheerful, sincere and tolerant. He might even make a good therapist! He may seem to be demanding because of his intense feelings.

In his past, the Five of Pentacles shows that Tom has had some hard times that have shaped him into what he is. He has suffered a great loss. More recently, the Four of Wands shows him wanting more stability because of that and desiring to build a happy home. In the days ahead, he may tend to playfully challenge others. This isn't because he's just being argumentative or a jerk, but it is the way he figures things out about people. His destiny has the Six of Cups showing his desire to reunite his feelings of the past with those of the present and creating lasting family values.

He is the inverted Seven of Pentacles. He gets easily fed up with things that don't seem to be rewarding him for the efforts he has put into them. Internally, the Moon card inversed shows that he is a sensitive person, and should stay away from the temptation of substance abuse to protect himself. Externally, the inverted Eight of Swords shows him trying to break away from some restrictions. Don't believe things that some people might say about Tom. His final card is the inverted Two of Wands. A sudden change is coming to him because tension can only be held for so long!

Lisa: Great as always, thanks! A reading from Rose, please, thanks!

Alexandra: Rose gave your situation with the Nine of Wands influenced by the High Priestess. You're using caution because you've emerged from a struggle but are guarding for the next problem or conflict. However, your final battle will likely be an internal one! Look to your intuition and your dreams for that inner wisdom to appear. Your unconscious is the divine feminine!

Behind you now are the Nine of Cups and the inverted Hierophant. Recognize your past achievements with contentment. You have realized some old dreams. You've had to rebel and reject some codes or values int he process but your eccentricities should not be regretted!

In your near future is the King of Pentacles. Go forward being responsible and steadfast and you will find an improvement in your finances and material circumstances. The progress may be slow but steady. In your destiny, the inverted Seven of Pentacles shows that you'll feel some dissatisfaction with a job or project when you feel that you are not getting rewarded for the energies you're putting in. Don't allow the resentment to build to melancholy. Some people are built for that kind of life, but not you.

You are the Eight of Cups. You have to let go to seek your higher purpose at many points in life. There is a season and a cycle for everything. Don't blame anything or anyone in the past, but see the future calling for you as you acknowledge and give thanks for the experiences of the past. Internally, the inverted Two of Pentacles warns you against juggling too many things. There's a line between carefree and careless. Externally, the inverted Prince of Swords says to be careful not to overreact to a situation and charge into something. Sit back and slow down. Be careful about a con-man who cannot be trusted, and don't plan a big trip right now if you don't have to.

Your final card is inverted Temperance. You may find this a time of imbalance and extremes and so you may feel fragmented. Now is not the time to make big decisions, but to seek harmony and communication. Prepare the ground for what is to come.

Lisa: Can you please tell me when the next new moon is and when the next full moon?

Alexandra: Certainly, Lisa! The next new moon is May 5th and the next full moon is May 19th.

Lisa: Great read as always! It has been a while. I would like a reading. I met someone new, his name is Will, his birthday is may third. Do you see any long-term relationship between us?

Alexandra: Thanks for trusting me once again as your personal tarot reader! Here is your two-card tarot reading on Will. The first thing I noticed is that both cards for Will are upside-down. That doesn't mean that there's no potential for a long-term relationship, but it does represent effort that would need to be put into the situation to bring it about! The inverted King of Pentacles. He's a fun person to be with and is down to earth. He also values the idea of becoming more stable, however he does have a big stubborn side. He worries about finances sometimes. He has the potential to be a long-term partner, but you may find difficulty with him refusing to listen to you in some instances. His head rules his heart. It is up to you to decide whether you want to invest yourself in that, and I have a feeling that you would be the one losing interest rather than him in a relationship! The inverted Ace of Swords advises you not to push or rush things in this case. If you do decide to move things forward, it can be best to help him think things are his idea! I hope this makes sense! Bookmark and Share

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