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Email reading shared with client permission.

Nikki: Please tell me Mike's (28/9/6) fortune for me and his current energies regarding my text to him. Did he understand it and will he be in touch or meet up? Will he move closer to me now that I have explained a few things? Do you see travel for him and I? Let me know because we've meant to go away.

Alexandra: For the situation I see the Ace of Wands influenced by the King of Swords. Mike got your text message for sure! He's thinking about it and making some decisions. He tends to over-think things sometimes and mull them over in his head! In his past is the Strength card, indicating that he cares about you very much and is a strong person though sometimes he doesn't have a lot of control! In his more recent past, the Prince of Wands shows him planning air travel! Also he is rushing into something with you eagerly!

In his near future, the Justice card indicates that he needs a bit more balance in his life because he tends to obsess over one thing or another! He's making some decisions and sticking with them. In his destiny lies the inverted Four of Pentacles. He's planning on opening up to you more and letting you know about some feelings.

Right now, he is the inverted Eight of Pentacles. He has a hard time deciding in between recklessness and carefulness! He may sometimes feel conflicted and jealous! Internally, the inverted Hermit card shows him feeling a bit lonely. Externally, the inverted Seven of Pentacles shows him feeling exhausted and perhaps dissatisfied with his working situation. His final card is the Six of Pentacles showing that he is a very generous person. You may get a gift from him soon! This reading is very positive!

Nikki: Thanks hon', that was really cool and I am pleased! I was just wondering though, hon', can you see his next contact or meet up? Yippee! I need a holiday! Oh, is that for us and not his mates that he goes with sometimes? He travels with his mates once a year, and the man is slow!

Alexandra: I think the travel is with you because I asked the cards to show me information that pertained to you and him. I think you will meet with him this year for sure, but for a date of a meeting I'd need to do a time frame reading with a crystal-ball as well.

Nikki: Thanks, hon', great email reading, thanks for your insight. I am grateful for your help. Lots of love and light to you and yours! Bookmark and Share

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