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Intuitive Teamwork

Email reading shared with client permission.

Mick: I think this is the month that people with insight tell me, is supposed to be a time when my one fondest wish and instinct is supposed to come to pass. I was wondering if you can see if that is still the case or has there been any shifts?

Alexandra: The first card I pulled for your month ahead is the inverted Six of Wands. You told me that people with insight told you this would be the month that your greatest wishes could come true. I'm sorry to say this, but this card holds more warnings than promises! This card represents a lack of confidence in your finances and can sometimes represent distrust in dealings at work. You might feel a little bit out of control, or like you've lost a leadership position in life this month. This card, however, does encourage you to push on with your dreams this month, despite these blockages that have moved into the way!

Your second card was the inverted Ten of Cups. Both of your cards are inverted, which means that there are some energies that are needed but are lacking in your life at this time. This card represents problems in a relationship or the home. Sometimes this card appears at the ending of a relationship. Since you added the question, "will she come home," I'm assuming this card is speaking to that need of yours. This card also speaks about dreams, but it says that so much of your attention has been paid to fostering your dreams and helping them come true, but sometimes old things need to die off in order for the new rebirth to occur. Know that, for your situation, you can believe in the "reincarnation" of dreams. They need to be reborn in totally new ways. I think that is the amazing opportunity that intuitive people have seen for you this month.

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