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Death In The Family

Email reading shared with client permission.

Bamamoma: My 24 year old son died Apr 30th, 2007. I want to know what happened to him at the time of his death and how he is doing? Also, I would like to know if he is with his sister that just passed last week on July 7th. Please tell me anything to help me.

Alexandra: I hope you don't mind, but I'm breaking up this reading into two three-card readings, one for your son and one for your daughter, because I think that would serve best so that we can find out how each is doing.

For your son, I drew the inverted Ace of Wands in his past. I see that, before his death, he was feeling like he had lost a lot of energy. He was feeling exhausted and uninspired. A lot of frustration was building up. When I see a card like this in a reading, it makes me worry for a person and I hope he didn't take his own life? If I were giving this reading to a still living person I would tell them that this time of barrenness would pass. At the time of death is the inverted Prince of Cups. This shows there was some kind of lie going on in his life at the time of his death. He was hiding something, perhaps? At the time of his death, he felt a strong connection with the spirit world, which can help ease passing. His final card is the Princess of Swords. This is a card of communication, indicating that he may still wish to communicate with you from the other side. Look for symbols of him in your life, and perhaps you can still feel his closeness.

As for your daughter, in her past was the inverted Death card. Her past shows a fear of change, but perhaps her death wasn't as unexpected. She, too, shows a lot of weariness in her past and some pessimism. At the time of her death is the Strength card. She was a strong person, but strength without control is nothing. Perhaps she was withholding some information, hoping that it would not make things worse. Her final card is the inverted Lovers card. I see some regret as she transitions to the other side. She is still taking time to look back on her life before breaking loose to spend time with her brother.

I hope this makes sense, and once again I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Bamamoma: Did he commit suicide?

Alexandra: The card I drew for your son is the Four of Pentacles. This card shows somebody locking up their feelings inside for a long time and not sharing them properly with others. This also shows that your son knew, in a way, that his death was coming and he may have even made some material preparations before hand. There might be evidence of that that could bring closure to you if you can find the right way to look. Rather than panicked despair, this card shows a cool calculation towards death. I'm afraid that this card is consistent with a suicide death. I'm so sorry for your loss and I'm sorry that this reading wasn't more positive.

Bamamoma: Thank you so much. Bookmark and Share

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