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Discovery - Confirmation - Empowerment

      Below is Alexandra Chauran's personal code of ethics. Whenever choosing a reader, make sure that you agree with his or her own code of ethics as this does not apply to every reader you will meet.

1.) You are in charge of your own destiny! My goal is to clarify and to leave you ready to take responsibility for your actions.

2.) I will never give a reading to a person under the age of 18 without permission from a legal guardian. I will be happy to give readings to minors with written permission.

3.) I will always tell the truth. Whether this be in your reading or your questions about the art of the tarot, I will not gloss over the truth and I will honestly answer to the best of my capabilities.

4.) I will attempt to answer your questions to the best of my capabilities. If a question is asked that I do not feel capable or comfortable answering I will refund your money. If a question is asked that I have never dealt with before, I will inform you before I give the reading and give you the choice of continuing with your reading or choosing another question with which I am more familiar.

5.) I do not claim that tarot readings give the one and only Future. In this way, readings are not "fortune telling" as commonly known. But another definition, according to WordNet Vocabulary Helper (NotreDame) of one's "fortune" is: "your overall circumstances or condition in life including everything that happens to you". It is in this way that I "tell your fortune". We take a look together at the condition of your life. If tarot readings really could predict the absolute future, they would be a cool party trick, but they would not be very helpful at all! You may think of tarot cards as reading the energies active in a person's life. When you get your reading, don't think of it as set in stone. Look at how things are moving in your life. Tarot readings help you clarify since one can then say, "hey! That really is happening in my life!" or, "I never thought of it that way before"!

5.) All readings are completely confidential unless I feel that you are going to hurt yourself or others. At that point I will call a professional to help you. Otherwise, what is said during your reading will never be divulged to anyone without your explicit permission.

6.) I will not impose external moral standards upon you. When asked, I may say whether I agree or not with what you are doing in your life in my opinion. You can trust me when I say I've heard just about everything under the sun. I want people to be comfortable sharing their troubles without fear of condemnation.I will strive to give readings with empathy and compassion.

7.) I will refrain from giving advice that I am not qualified to give. That is, I won't give specific financial, legal or medical advice. I will always suggest that you consult a professional and I will attempt to help you deal with the emotional aspects of your problem.

8.) If you do not understand your reading, I welcome your questions. I will do my best to explain each card to their full extent. There is no extra charge for clarification unless other questions come up that are not covered in the reading.

9.) An assurance to my Christian friends: I will never call upon "evil" or harmful forces to help me or influence myself or others.

10.) My reading practice will attempt to adhere to the fundamental code of life: Harm none.

11.) I reserve the right to terminate or otherwise refuse a reading if I feel that the client is being abusive or that they are not willing to participate in a positive reading experience. I also reserve the right to postpone or discontinue readings if I feel an individual is putting themselves in financial trouble by spending too much money on my readings.

12.) I agree with the Client Bill of Rights as stated by the Tarot Certification Board with which I am a certified reader. To read the Client Bill or Rights, Click Here.

13.) I agree with the Code of Conduct as stated by the British Clairvoyant Academy of which I am a member.

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