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Economy Radio PSA

Produced by Total Broadcasting, originally broadcast on News Talk 97.3 FM Seattle on 7/1/2013. Download an MP3.

      Earthshod.comís Alexandra Chauran says the best way to help our economy is to spend your money in your own community and to spend it on American made products. When you buy from locally owned stores you support the store and the people they employ. You make it so they can continue to collect a paycheck; paychecks that they spend in your local community, further creating jobs and economic well-being. And even the smallest LOCAL shops usually have on-line order-taking and product shipping capabilities. And many local service providers have on-line capabilities for you to schedule appointments, get cost estimates, even chat for some quick expert advice. Earthshod.comís Alexandra Chauran says be conscientious enough to shop local and buy American because you almost always have it come back to you.

      This is from Earthshod.comís Alexandra Chauran. If you have questions about your personal love life or your business future, get a reading from Alexandra Chauran. And sheís available for your events. Go to earth-shod-dot-com. Or call 206-9-see-psychic. Thatís 206-9-S-E-E-psychic for Alexandra Charan of Earthshod-dot-com. Bookmark and Share

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