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Drunk Driving Prevention Radio PSA

Produced by Total Broadcasting, originally broadcast on Smooth Jazz 98.9 Seattle on 12/14/2009. Download an MP3.

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      EarthShod fortune telling service in Renton reminds you that a social tradition going back centuries is enjoying alcoholic beverages at holiday gatherings. Unfortunately drunk driving is a long tradition too. The first tradition can happily continue. The second kills thousands each year and must not be a tradition passed on to our kids.

      According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year there are over 4-thousand auto fatalities in the U.S. between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Nearly 40 percent of these are alcohol related. We all want the holidays to be about family, togetherness, and celebration not sadness, and grieving over the premature loss of a loved one. Please, if you’re drinking keep it relatively harmless.

      EarthShod asks you to plan in advance not to drink and drive. Spend the night, call a cab, or use a designated driver. There are always options and there are no excuses for driving drunk. This Total Broadcasting holiday message is from EarthShod and Fortune Teller, Alexandra Chauran. If you have a question about your love life or your business future, get a reading from Alexandra Chauran. On the web, go to, or call 206-9-SEE-PSYCHIC, that's 206-9-S-E-E PSYCHIC for Alexandra Chauran of Bookmark and Share

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