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Interview by Dr. Pat Baccili. Originally broadcast on KKNW 1150AM Seattle on 4/26/2010 Download an MP3. A transcript follows:

Dr. Pat Baccili: Hey everybody, welcome back to the Dr. Pat Show, this is talk radio to thrive by. Our friends from Access Wellness Center are joining us here today. Galia Filipova is joining us by Alexandra Chauran, and today we're going to be talking about what it means to get tapped-in to our intuitive abilities. Alexandra, for the time that we're with you, we are going to take your calls, she is going to be able to do some readings with you. And I want to make sure you know those numbers and Mr. Benny will get you on-line as quickly as we can. [...] and let me just give you a little information: Most of us know Galia Filipova as the founder of Access Wellness Center. We're thrilled to have her here, and every time she comes, she brings one of her fabulous, fabulous practitioners. People that are joining and contributing to the phenomenon we know as Access Wellness Center. Alexandra is joining us as someone that is part of this team: A registered counselor in Washington state and holds a Master's degree in teaching from Seattle University. She uses traditional tools such as tarot, crystal ball, pendulum astrology... Wow! We've got a lot to talk to her about. And today, you're going to get to meet Alexandra as well as find out what this experience is like. What it is to work with her, what she does, and why this is important. Galia, Alexandra, thank you, welcome to the show.

Galia Filipova: Thank you!

Alexandra Chauran: Good morning.

Galia Filipova: It's so nice to be here.

Dr. Pat Baccili: It's great to have you. Galia, you brought a friend with you, huh!

Galia Filipova: Yes, it is amazing and this time I would like to focus on Access Wellness Center not only healing people naturally but also, you don't have to be sick to come and enjoy our services. It is open for family celebrations, bachelorette parties. It's open for birthday parties, girlfriends' days and/or nights, or stuff like that, and the amazing, incredible Alexandra Chauran who is a psychic, an astrologist, and I would really, this time, would like to have the time for you, and all of you, to to spend, the listeners, today with her.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Exactly. And Alexandra, thank you and welcome to the show.

Alexandra Chauran: Thank you, good morning.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Good morning. For all of you out there, I want to make sure you're gonna' get in on this experience with Alexandra. And this is the first of several times you'll get to hang out with her. You can give us a call for a reading right now [...] Alexandra, tell us a little bit about your journey. I mean, this has got to be interesting, for you to have taken the path you've taken and to be part of this incredible enlightenment movement that's going on in the country.

Alexandra Chauran: Absolutely, I have the best job in the world, there's no doubt about that. My mother is also a professional fortune teller, and so I really grew up with a wonderful environment where my parents encouraged readings and encouraged me to really explore my spirituality and my business potential in this way. And so, when I turned 18, I was able to start my own business, and I've been going from there. And I'm really pleased with my recently partnership with Galia at the Access Wellness Center. It's been a new evolution along the path.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Oh my God, it's kind of incredible, isn't it?

Alexandra Chauran: Absolutely! She's got an amazing thing starting there, and I know it's going to grow.

Dr. Pat Baccili: So, tell us a little bit about what readings are like, and what people can expect when they call into the show today.

Alexandra Chauran: Sure, as a traditional fortune teller, I actually use a lot of different tools when I'm in person with people at Access Wellness Center. I use tarot cards, but in addition to that, just palmistry, astrology, you know, crystal ball reading, pendulum dowsing, aura drawings, everything under the sun. And when a person comes in for a reading with me in-person, I really tailor the experience to their needs. You know, using the different tools. Just as a hammer and a saw can both be used on wood, for different questions, each tool acts differently. And, today it's a little limited since we've got very brief time with you, unfortunately, and so I'm just going to be doing quick little sample tarot readings, so just one-card probably, just so that people can get a feeling for what it's like to use those traditional tools if they haven't experienced them before.

Dr. Pat Baccili: That's... Wow. And we're gonna' do... We'll use me as a sort-of guinea pig for the moment until we can, you know, field the calls. So, for those of you that would like a tarot reading, give us a call [...] Okay! So, tell me how this is gonna' work, Alexandra. Let's use me for a moment.

Alexandra Chauran: Sure, for those who haven't heard of tarot cards before, it's a deck of 78 cards, and each one represents a stage along the Hero's Journey, so, a think that might happen in anyone's story. And when they're laid out in specific arrangements called "spreads," they'll tell your own story.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Okay.

Alexandra Chauran: So, when I have an appointment with somebody, I'll usually ask them if they have a topic of focus or a question they'd like answered by their reading, and then I'd start out with a larger reading, like a ten-card tarot reading. Today, I can't really go over more than three, 'cause we've got such limited time. But, if you do have a question...

Dr. Pat Baccili: Okay, well, we hope you're gonna' come back! We hope you're gonna' come back and do, like, do an hour!

Alexandra Chauran: Mmm... hmm... It's always fun, I love this work.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Okay.

Alexandra Chauran: So, if you do have a question, you can certainly ask it, but if you're just trying it out to show people what it's like, I can just, you know, pull out three cards and show an example.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Well, I can see Benny is very busy picking up the phones, 'cause I can watch you, as many of our listeners can watch you on the web-cam. Okay, so, if we have a question, like... I had a question from one of my sales folks this week, who asked me the question... "You know, I really want to bring some new sponsors on, I'm really excited about some people, and I always set my intention, but what can I do better? How can I know that I'm doing the right thing to make things happen?" That was such an interesting question, I thought! And I thought, well, I'll save that for you!

Alexandra Chauran: That's a wonderful question! I'll just draw three tarot cards. This is like a miniature spread, it's smaller than anyone would do in a professional reading normally. It just represents past, present and future. And, when I do readings like this, often times people will come to me, especially those who are the newer practitioners into New Age and psychic arts and things like that. Since I've been in the business over ten years now, and I'm happy to say that I'm successful, I get a lot of folks who love to ask me about my business. And I'm really open to new practitioners, I mean. These days they're all just starting up out of their grassroots efforts and I encourage it. It's the best job in the world and there's more than enough clients to go around. So, when I drew the cards here... I drew past, present and future, and two of them are the most powerful Major Arcana cards, these are the kinds of cards that you wouldn't see in a normal playing-card deck...

Dr. Pat Baccili: Okay.

Alexandra Chauran: And they usually appear when there is a huge crossroads happening in a person's life, or a shift happening in the greater world at large. In the past here is the Magician card inverted, and the Magician is all about getting the word out and establishing a presence and a communication. And of course, for those of us who are in this business and in businesses surrounding wellness and surrounding radio, it's really important to establish yourself and get the word out. Even if no-one's listening, that first follower is going to be the part that starts the crowd. So, that's where everything starts, is certainly with communication. The second card in the reading, representing the present, is the tower card inverted. And that can sometimes be a scary card, because it represents instability. But, instability is always needed for growth. You know, you can't remain safe and secure and still grow to be something big and amazing. And so, the second bit of advice that the cards would have for a person like that is to really step outside your comfort zone. Certainly, build a strong, stable foundation, but that's something that's going to take time and that you have to focus on in order to start growing faster. And the final card here is the Ace of Swords in the future, which represents a breakthrough. I think that the person who talked to you about that is wonderful to just bring it up. I mean, just by bringing it up that person shows that they're ready to grow and they're ready to have a breakthrough. And so this card represents being open to those new doors and those zany schemes, even if they might seem like they're unlikely. And, taking that movement forward, not sitting on the fence, because that's going to bring a new sort of intellectual understanding of the business.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Excellent.

Alexandra Chauran: So, that's just a little quick example of what it's like.

Dr. Pat Baccili: That's good. I know I'm going to have to, like, take the editing on this and pull this clip out and send it to her. Alexandra, before we continue and go to break, I wanted to let everybody know what you're planning to do on the Access Wellness web-site, because... and then when we come back from break we're gonna' take all the callers Benny's got in queue for us. But, tell us about this exciting news.

Alexandra Chauran: Sure, I've been working with a lot of publications for a couple years now with horoscopes, as you might read in the everyday magazines and newspapers. Sun sign horoscopes are those kind of horoscopes where you recognize the sign based on your birth-date, and you read something about your day or week or month. And, lately, I've been excited to begin writing horoscopes in a lot of other, new publications and even to be able to offer them on some web-sites locally. I've just started writing extremely localized horoscopes that can work for those outside in the greater world, but they're best suited to those in the Pacific time zone because they have specific advice for times of days that are best to do certain things, and Galia has agreed to place them on the Access Wellness Center web-site for free for access to the public, and so I'm glad to be able to open myself up for more people.

Dr. Pat Baccili: I love it! When we come back we're going to pick up the phone lines because this is hot! Thanks to Galia, friends at Access Wellness, we'll be back with Alexandra and the Dr. Pat Show.

[Commercial Break]

Dr. Pat Baccili: Welcome back everyone, welcome back to the Dr. Pat Show. What a great, great opportunity! As always, Galia has done it again! She's bringing the best of the best and we are so thrilled! Access Wellness Center has contributed so much, and they are going to continue to do that. Alexandra has gotten all warmed up, she's ready to take your calls, and I want to make sure, before we do that, that you all know, if you want to find out more about Access Wellness Center, easy... [email]. Alexandra, Benny it's all yours.

Benny: All right, sounds like a plan there, Dr. Pat, and we're gonna' bring on Janet to start things off. She's calling in from North Seattle, and she wants to find the right guidelines for a new house she's been looking at towards, for and around the area! So, Janet, welcome to the show!

Janet: Thank you!

Alexandra Chauran: Hey Janet, this is Alexandra! So you're looking for a house, huh!

Janet: Yes, I've been in this one 40 years and I'm a senior citizen now, and I'm getting signals that I shouldn't live in a house with so many steps. So, I'm looking for a house with a couple of steps up. And I'm an avid gardener, so factors influencing that count. And, my needs and desires are simple. Just, should feel right. And, let's see, I had picked one out and then I did some weeding on that property, just as a courtesy to my deceased friend that used to garden it, and I found that her house had too far set-back from the street. I felt too lonely that far away from walkers.

Alexandra Chauran: Great, I drew a card for you and I think that you should follow your instincts because that house isn't right for you. The 6 of Swords represents that you're really going to need to go further than you expected. So, reach out a little bit, branch out a little. Talk to your Realtor about exploring areas that are not necessarily what you expected. But, keep your mind open, because I have a feeling that you're going to find an area that's a little distant from what you were expecting, but is going to be feeling just perfect, and you'll know it in your head when you see it, okay?

Janet: Okay.

Alexandra Chauran: So, yeah, definitely thanks for letting me read for you. Just drew a quick card for you there, and good luck buying your house! I'm pretty sure you're going to get a good one this time that doesn't have so many steps!

Janet: Okay, thank you!

Alexandra Chauran: All right.

Benny: All right, thanks Janet for calling in, and Pat, what do you think?

Dr. Pat Baccili: I think we go to the phones!

Benny: All right, let's keep doing it, let's go to Stephanie now. She's from Everett and she has a family member that seems to be looking for a miracle right now! Let's see if we can help her out! Stephanie, welcome to the show.

Alexandra Chauran: Hey Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hi!

Alexandra Chauran: Hey, this is Alexandra, so tell me the story!

Stephanie: Well, a family member of mine needs a medical miracle. A healing.

Alexandra Chauran: Oh, a healing! Sounds like a good thing for Access Wellness Center! You should have that person talk to the practitioners there.

Stephanie: Okay.

Alexandra Chauran: So, I drew a card for your family member there. The five of cups inverted. It's definitely been a long journey, and you know this person needs a lot of support because it's going to be a long journey continuing. I think it's important that as much emotional sharing can happen as possible for this person, because it's deeper than just the physical healing that needs to go on. There's so much here that isn't being let out and shared in a constructive way, and I think that's going to really help the person along on their healing journey. So, help that person remain independent but still have as much support as possible and definitely check out Access Wellness Center.

Stephanie: Thank you very much

Alexandra Chauran: Thank you, Stephanie.

Benny: Pat, did you want to add anything to that?

Dr. Pat Baccili: No, what I think is that I love that this caller wanted to talk about a healing miracle. Because, as we just talked about in the previous half-hour, you know, the bottom line is that all of us are waiting for that healing miracle. And, so much of this, Galia and Alexandra just referred to is, we have to know that there are people out there that can provide solutions. And we've talked about it, Benny, all year long, and actually since we've been on air for 6 years. We've talked about people with brain tumors that everybody said was not going to be healed and now, standing today, Rich Henry is walking around, he has no cancer. I mean, so much of this is for all of us to inspire people to know that there might be solutions that perhaps they didn't know about. And that's why we do what we do, that's what this show is about. So, Benny, let's keep going if we have another caller, would be great.

Benny: Yeah, sounds good, and thank you to Stephanie for calling in, she was dialing in from Everett.

Alexandra Chauran: Thank you.

Benny: So now we're going to take one more caller. Yep, yep. And we have, let's see here, Susie, she's calling in from Seattle. She was just looking for a general reading, maybe we could get something more specific out of her.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Okay, all right!

Benny: So, Susie, welcome to the show!

Susie: Oh, thank you

Alexandra Chauran: Hello Susie.

Susie: Thanks for taking my call.

Alexandra Chauran: Hey, this is Alexandra. So, have you had a tarot reading before?

Susie: No, I haven't.

Alexandra Chauran: Ah, so you're looking for a general reading just to try it out and see what it's like?

Susie: Exactly. Just sort of, you know, where things are gonna' be going, I don't know what you can tell, generally-speaking.

Alexandra Chauran: That sounds like, yeah, you know, the tarot cards, the bonus about them is that they're really a wonderful tool because they can also tell you where to focus in your life. Sometimes it's really funny because a person will come in and they'll really want a reading on their love life, you know, but they're so career focused that, no matter what they ask about their love life, stuff keeps coming up for their career. And so, the cool thing about the tarot cards is that sometimes they can give you a direction about what you should be focusing on and what you should be thinking about in your life, so I'm glad that you left it open.

Susie: Oh, that sounds like a good plan, yes!

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, and I drew a Major Arcana card for you, the Empress card inverted. And, that card is a really important card for family, and is shows that that should be your focus right now. It's also one of these over-arching card, because it is Major Arcana card, so it can apply to other things. The Empress shows a lot of abundance and creativity, so you can apply that anywhere in your life. In your career you can just think outside the box and allow yourself more freedom if you can. And the Empress...

Susie: Well, it's interesting because I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and I have been for years and I'm thinking about not doing that, you know, in a few years when my kids are grown. So, it's funny that you mention stay focused on the family.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, you know, that's wonderful. The Empress card really represents that woman today. I mean, when these tarot cards came out, we didn't have this sort of modern woman, where she's supposed to have it all with the career and the kids.

Susie: Exactly.

Alexandra Chauran: But, nowadays, the Empress card really can represent that woman who is smart enough to kind-of transcend that overarching lifestyle and be able to find that happiness with what she has. So, while you should still keep your focus on the family, this card really talks about creativity that's more than just creating kids.

Susie: Right

Alexandra Chauran: I think that you're going to find something from your creativity that's going to help you financially and also with some confidence.

Susie: Good, well, thank you very much!

Alexandra Chauran: So, yeah, thanks Susie.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Wow. This is really great! Galia and Alexandra, when you come back, we're going to actually... I think we're planning a full hour... But, let's give our listeners a little information, Alexandra, about you, and what you're going to be doing working at the Access Wellness Center. You know, there are many things that you shared about what you've come to be around in your life. How does this fit for you? I mean, many people are asking, "how do I know if I'm psychic? How do I know if I can tell the future? How do I know anything?" And so, what I wanted to do is kind of, you know, wrap this up right now by giving people a little information about you. And then the question is going to be, what's the best way for them to connect with you if they want full readings?

Alexandra Chauran: Sure, I'm lucky, I'm just so incredibly blessed because my entire life I was encouraged to pursue this path and encouraged to have this just as a part of my existence, so I didn't have a moment of discovery because this was part of how I was raised. But, in our culture, intuition is sometimes looked down upon, even, instead of trusted as it might have been in the past or as it still is in other cultures. And so I'm finding that more and more people are discovering that, you know, they have those dreams at night that they wake up and they see it happening in their real lives or they know that they're meaningful. Or, they have those moments when they think about a friend in trouble, and they call them up, and they're just in time to help them out. And I think that everyone should really work on that. In the past few years I've developed an apprenticeship program, and I've been working with people who are serious about bringing this, not only into their own lives, but helping others with their own career that way. And, I'm so happy to be able to help people with apprenticeships or with readings about their own lives at Access Wellness Center. Clients can call in to make an appointment with me, my name is Alexandra Chauran, and the number is [(206) 9-SEE-PSYCHIC]. They can make an appointment with me at the beautiful environment of Access Wellness Center, and start healing from the inside out!

Dr. Pat Baccili: Excellent, thank you so much. Galia, thank you so much for joining us today. Galia, your personal message for folks

Galia Filipova: My personal message again, for everyone, not only for that person who was looking for that healing miracle, I would really like to say again, to everybody, that we're here and there are miracles happening to everyone out there and they may happen to you too, today. So, just be open, use every opportunity and possibility and keep the doors open for the miracle to find its way.

Dr. Pat Baccili: Thank you so much! Thank you all for tuning us in and turning us on! Benny, great job! Alexandra, awesome! And all of you out there, you are the best! We'll see you next time on the Dr. Pat Show! Bookmark and Share

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