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Cutting The Cord

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      Understanding when it is truly time to let go can be the most difficult process, but at the same time it can be a spiritual one. In all ways, letting go can be a time of intense introspection, in which a person searches the depth of his or her soul to understand the difference between wanting and needing. So how does one know when it is time to let go? Is there anything that can stop the inevitable cutting of ties between people?

      The ending of a romantic relationship can be quick, like tearing off a band-aid, or it can be a long and gradual process. More often than not, it can be a strange jumble of the two, in which one or both people in the relationship have long periods of denial punctuated with brief moments of clarity! It can be hard to tell the difference between the right time and an overreaction. Long conversations with friends can be therapeutic, but chances are that your friends are a little biased in your favor. Consider consulting a psychic to find out whether you're just flying off the handle or this really is the straw that broke the camel's back. Likewise, clinging on too long can be just as damaging, giving the relationship a life of its own over the lives of the individuals involved!

      When my father became terminally ill, I found myself faced with my own understanding of cutting the cords. I prayed frequently and hard for him to continue living, and I knew he was struggling as hard as he could against that inevitable force. My faith was strong, and his will was like that of iron, but I made a realization when he slipped into a coma one afternoon. I believe that one can keep a person alive through magic and prayer the same way a person can live on live-support. But that doesn't mean it is the life the person was meant to lead.

      At some point, everyone involved has to face the decision of cutting the cord, whether that means a physical life-support decision, or a more metaphorical allowance for the possibility of death in one's mind. Cutting the cord is a process that begins with a decision. And whether you are helping yourself or a loved one through the dying process, or have a relationship that is on "life-support," please know that you're not facing those moments ahead alone. Bookmark and Share

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