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Clairvoyant Readings

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, Esmerelda, all rights reserved. Originally published as "Clairvoyant Readings" on 12/30/2008 in Psychic Readings Online

      A gut feeling; a strange sense in the pit of your stomach that causes you to deliberately be late to get out to your car only to find that you narrowly missed an accident. That brief flash before your eyes that causes you to call a friend just to find that your friend has been dialing you. A dream that causes you to choose a new career path. Though the word clairvoyance means "clear sight," very rarely is a clairvoyant reader only using a special sense of "sight" in order to perform a clairvoyant reading.

      In modern times, clairvoyance can be an umbrella term that also covers clairaudience (clear hearing), claircogizance (clear understanding), clairsentience (clear feeling) and even the sense of taste (clairgustance) and smell (clairalience). They are grouped together in order to distinguish clairvoyance from telepathy. Your clairvoyant reader obtains his or her visions through another source, rather than by sucking it out of you in any way. In this way, clairvoyance can even work across long distances, over the telephone and Internet. Clairvoyant readings are not invasive or intrusive, and they can be done on other people in your life as well, whether you know much about them already or not.

      Clairvoyance has been performed since pre-history in many ways. The first clairvoyance may have been performed with the aid of scrying tools such as fire and water. The shaman, or other clairvoyant practitioner would gaze into the scrying aid and interpret the symbols seen, or in the case of the Oracle at Delphi, would have a clergy member perform the interpretation. Two thousand years before the birth of Christ, Celtic tribes may have started crystal ball gazing, which is still done today. Whether or not your clairvoyant uses a scrying tool as a point of focus does not mean that they are any less of a clairvoyant, nor does the use of tools decrease accuracy or precision.

      In both ancient and modern times, clairvoyant readers have been called upon by the rich and the poor alike. In China, for example,clairvoyant reading has been a respected way of determining the most lucky choice to make. A form of clairvoyant reading, tea leaf reading, sprang up in Asia as well as Greece and the Middle East. In China today, companies still make hiring and firing decisions with the aid of a clairvoyant reader. Throughout American history, clairvoyants have been used to help make important decisions. Presidents Abe Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt hired clairvoyant readers in the white house. In the late nineteenth century, sťances rose into the height of their fashion, and even ordinary people were gaining more access to these extraordinary services.

      So how do clairvoyant readings work? Of course, the true science of the matter has not been determined as of yet, however, some philosophical theories have endured over time. Hermes Trismegistus made popular a quote that helped clairvoyant readers explain the theory of all divination through scrying or other means. "As above - So Below," he wrote. The universe is chaotic, and yet the patterns repeat themselves in endless cycles. If you were to view a fractal, even when you look very closely, the same repeating yet changed pattern will reflect itself back to you. Likewise, the dance of life shown in a crystal ball, a teacup or even the stars above can reflect our own existences to a skilled interpreter.

      Make no mistake, clairvoyant readings do not just "tell the future." Such a pointless party trick would not be helpful at all. If you're looking for somebody to make all you're decisions for you, do not look to a clairvoyant reader. Your future is written in sand, not stone, and your choices change your future each moment that you breathe. Why, in the very moment that you chose to read this sentence, your life and your future have shifted! The strength of clairvoyant readings are that they help you by reading the energies of your life. Predictions can be made in the same way that the weather is forecast. So, though your clairvoyant reader may not be able to tell you exactly how many inches of rain will fall tomorrow, your clairvoyant reader can tell you whether or not you should be packing for a picnic!

      Claivoyant readings can be used every day to guide your life, or on special occasions such as birthdays, new year's eve, or before a wedding or a large purchase. A clairvoyant reader might be consulted when a wedding ring is lost somewhere in the house, or a dog is lost in the neighborhood. A realtor might consult with a clairvoyant reader several times a day to determine which clients are the best fit for a home that he or she is selling. A college student might have a clairvoyant reading done for each potential love that comes into his or her life. Just as you might check the local weather to see what events to plan a day ahead, getting a clairvoyant reading can be like your own personal spiritual weather forecast!

      It may seem all too easy; Simply get a cup of tea leaves, or fork over enough money for a crystal ball and you'll have access to the wisdom of the ages? Though everyone has the potential to develop clairvoyant talents and readings can be quick to perform well, clairvoyant readings do take years of disciplined study and practice in order to perfect accuracy and precision. Though there are many classes that one can take to perfect his or her craft, a professional reader has often gone through an apprenticeship of his or her own, learning from a skilled teacher that has come before. I can assure you that it is, indeed, harder than it looks.

      Though I believe that everyone should develop their own clairvoyant talents, and especially that everyone should keep a dream journal, I recommend against performing your own clairvoyant readings for yourself as your only guide. It can be impossible to be truly objective about your own reading, especially when you are emotionally invested in the outcome. Instead, seek out a professional to perform work for you. Trust your own intuition, but add a member to your intuitive team so that you can have a second opinion! Two heads are better than one!

      Take care when selecting your clairvoyant reader! This should not merely be a one-time shopping experience. Rather, selecting your personal clairvoyant reader can be somewhat like choosing something between a new best friend and a doctor! Not only are you starting a business relationship that may last the rest of your life, but you need to find somebody that you can trust with your life. Not only are there unsavory professional fraud artists in every profession, but you also need a trained professional who can click well with you and your lifestyle.

      Never ask for a free reading for your clairvoyant reader to prove him or herself. Not only is a true clairvoyant reader's services and time very valuable, but that is not the right way to start off a business relationship! Instead, ask your clairvoyant for any references, reviews or ratings that are available. A true clairvoyant reader will not be insulted by this process, and will be proud to show off any accomplishments. Realize that no testimonials at all are worse than having a few hits and misses in reviews. A clairvoyant reader who cannot produce evidence of experience might be a new person practicing with your life or, worse yet, not a clairvoyant reader at all! Feel free to ask your potential clairvoyant reader about memberships to professional organizations, training and experience.

      As a clairvoyant myself, I still go to other trained professionals for their work, for the value of their objectivity that I mentioned above. Thankfully, as you can see if you are reading this web-site, I know exactly where to find the clairvoyant readers I need when I need them! One of the most valuable clairvoyant readings I received was on the subject of my health, during a very serious time of my life, indeed.

      I was preparing to journey across the country to participate in a revolutionary new medical treatment at Yale University. Anxious for healing and wanting to be spiritually prepared, I contacted one of my trusted readers to help me understand the spiritual meaning of my distress as well as plan for my healing.

      Bear in mind that, though I consider my professional relationship with this reader to also be a friendship, at this time she did not know any details about my medical problems. At a distance by the telephone or over the Internet or during her in-person appointments, she uses her body like a pendulum to sense answers as she closes her eyes receives visions. My eyes were also closed, but she spoke to me aloud comfortingly as she explained the process and began her intuitive work.

      Beginning by viewing my childhood, she spoke as she described events that happened when I was a kid that still affect me spiritually to this day. When numbers flashed in her sight, she was even able to tell me the age at which they occurred. She described my father, and was able to help me work through the fears my illness had invoked in me after his death.

      After that healing moment, she moved on to describe my very best friend, and some of the medical ailments that afflicted her as well. She saw our closeness in her visions and declared that, spiritually, I was the reason my best friend did not have cancer. This may seem far-fetched, but in light of our own medical histories, it allowed me to enter into my healing experience with a renewed sense of purpose. As my clairvoyant reader predicted, I did reach a better stage of wellness!

      Have you been puzzling over a health situation in your own life, or in the life of a loved one? Have love and the ways of the heart got you feeling confused and down, or excited for potential things to come? Are you making the right choices for a full financial future? How can you best bring meaning to your world and your life? All of these questions and more can be answered by your personal clairvoyant reader.

      To this day, myself and many others purchase clairvoyant readings both to delight and inform us. Not only does this practice have a vibrant history, but it also has a bright future! As clairvoyant readings gain popularity and lose the stigma that they may once have held when people were fearful of planning their own destinies, more and more people flock to their readers to gain a sense of understanding in today's world. I've found my readers. Have you found yours? Bookmark and Share

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