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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Are you a pet lover? Are you a collector, attaching emotional significance to certain belongings? Is your idea of the perfect weekend spending time at home with your loved ones? Would you gladly go to jail for hurting somebody who harmed somebody that you love? Have you been caught talking baby-talk by those who thought you had a tough demeanor? Do your mood swings know no boundaries and heaven help those who attempt to contain them? If some of these sentences describe you, your zodiac sign might just be Cancer!

      Cancer, the crab, includes those born between June 22nd and July 22nd. Cancer is family oriented, but that doesn't mean that every Cancer is the perfect relative! In fact, it can mean the opposite for those whose passionate attention to family matters turns to obsession or attention-seeking drama! Cancer moms can run a family like a well-oiled machine,and are often fiercely protective of their kids. Involving a Cancer child in activities that are linked with family roots and national traditions can be the winning combination that allows him or her to find meaning in such pursuits! In friendships, a Cancer can be loyal to a fault, but over a life-time can earn a respectable number of friends who would be willing to do anything for him or her!

      A Cancer person is cautious about choosing just the right career, so it may take a Cancer a longer time to feel his or her way into the right niche in the work world. Once there, however, a Cancer can be an imaginative person when given a project that he or she can run with! Nurturing something that can be the Cancer's "baby," is a big project with which the Cancer can be trusted. Even though in the Cancer's personal life he or she might seem overly sentimental, in the work world, the Cancer can transform into a shrewd dealer, cutting corners when necessary and following good instincts. A Cancer can be a tough person to work with, but he or she might also be able to put her amazing ability to emotionally provoke others into manipulative skills that can push him or her farther in the work world! In fact, it can be a strange paradox that the Cancer is devoted to family but also can be lost in pursuing career, often to the detriment of family relationships when money problems get brought to the discussion focus!

      Cancer people are shy at first, but once the ice is broken can be very romantic lovers. Winning over a Cancer can and should involve the traditional niceties that allow a Cancer to see his or her place in society! Cancer women should be wined and dined appropriately, and Cancer men may need you to reassure of monogamy or other shared values! Cancer is considered a traditionally "feminine" sign, so there may be some domestic tendencies that allow the Cancer to run the household as he or she sees fit! Once in a relationship, Cancer folks can tend towards the "clingy" end of the spectrum, so a co-dependent relationship might sound perfectly reasonable to him or her! Cancer people are most compatible with Pisces and Scorpio, and Taurus may also be a good match! A Cancer has a deep capacity for love and intimacy, and an equally deep ability to feel betrayed and hurt to the core by those who don't recognize what they have. Tread gently with a Cancer's feelings, or you may have a time-bomb on your hands!

      The down side to being a Cancer is that your amazing mood swings can rival even them most outspoken drama queen! Cancer men may have more trouble reconciling those emotional traits that are normally given to women in our Western society. You might be seen as the black sheep of the family that you spend your whole life serving after one too many emotionally charged comments at family gatherings! However, on the up-side, passionate fights can lead to equally passionate make-ups. You'll always have those who adore you, no matter what. And nobody is going to want to mess with those with whom you love, for fear that you will destroy them! Bookmark and Share

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