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Aura Drawings

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

Drawing by Alexandra Chauran

      When I received karate training from Sensei Oshiro Shihan, he once asked me what I did for a living. When I told him he was a fortune teller, he excitedly began explaining some of the mysticism in advanced martial arts. The most useful piece for him, he explained, was a something that surrounded a person so that, even in the darkest of night, a trained martial artist would be able to sense the approach of another even when no sound betrayed such a presence.

      This is often called "energy" or a person's aura, and can often be sensed even by those who are not martial arts masters. Some tend to feel it as a fuzzy sensation, heat or a feeling of pressure near a person's skin. To try this for yourself, sit across from a partner and hold your hands up against each others' and then move them about an inch apart so that the two of you are not touching. Have your partner slowly move his or her hands as you follow them as a mirror image. After a time practicing this, try closing your eyes and see if you can continue mirroring the movements without looking. Try this farther apart and see how far away you can feel an aura.

      Some can envision auras with their mind's eye. Others, like myself, can physically see the colours and patterns associated with peoples' auras. I attended Springbrook Academy of Fine Arts to hone my drawing skills. I sketch clients' images with their auras and then interpret them in accordance with my experience. Colour perceptions can vary from person to person. There are those who believe that there should be a balance of some colours and even attempt healing by shaping these colours with their hands or other tools or simply their minds. Some people imitate the auras of people around which they spend their time. Though a person's aura colours can and do shift over periods of time, traditional meanings are often associated with some of the colours, especially if one or the other is predominant. For example:

Red: Anger, primal instincts, impulsiveness.
Orange: Masculinity, strength, community, talkativeness.
Yellow: Dynamic, direction, force, growth, harmony.
Green: Love, sex, envy, heart.
Blue: Healing, unity, leadership, facts, science, balance.

      Some believe that auras can be photographed through Kirlian photography, by which even inanimate objects can be depicted with a corona discharge around them. However, for best interpretive, artistic, emotional or spiritual value, it is advisable to procure hand-made aura images. Though some use aura drawings as diagnostic records or problem-solving tools, an aura drawing can be a beautiful decoration of an irreproducible moment in time. Bookmark and Share

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