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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      When traffic is moving at an agonizing pace, you might squirm in your seat and hit the steering wheel or even the horn impatiently. At a boring meeting, you'd rather somebody just stopped yapping about it and actually did something to solve that problem, and you'd be fine if that person had to be you! Do arguments with family members or significant others easily escalate to shouting matches? If you're trying to put a new gadget together, and a part seems to be sticking, do you tend to force it even if it causes you to have to glue it back together later after you break it and curse under your breath? If these sorts of scenarios play themselves out in your life over and over again, you just might be an Aries!

      Aries, the Ram, can include anyone born between March 21st and April 20th. Family members can rightfully be fiercely proud of their Aries, even though he or she might be obnoxious at events! You can see Aries characteristics most overpowering a person in his or her youth! Though Aries can be both male and female, this sign tends towards personality traits that our society might consider to be masculine. Hopefully, playground violence or aggression can be funneled into sports or other physical pursuits! However, the impulsiveness of this sign can last over a lifetime! As a result, sometimes an Aries can be viewed as immature, or stuck as a teenager forever if he or she doesn't work very hard to temper some of these characteristics!

      Aries, as a fire sign, is an enthusiastic leader in the workplace, who can get very competitive if his or her abilities are not well matched to a job, or if he or she is not being appreciated to the fullest extent! Aries has confidence in his or her own abilities, and can be very outspoken when others do not show appropriate trust! Give Aries a project, and he or she will put heart and soul into it and carry it farther than perhaps initially anticipated! Aries is brave enough to go after jobs that might seem high out of his or her reach, and colleagues may be taken by surprise with the initiative of an Aries! An Aries can meet a challenging job head-on and hit the ground running, meeting and exceeding expectations even if he or she seemed not qualified at all for the job at first!

      As a lover, Aries can easily take charge and take the lead. He or she is bold when getting started, and that sort of cockiness might be the kind of thing that attracts people in droves! Lovers of Aries people find their honesty refreshing and their courage fascinating! However, once in a relationship they may lament that their Aries is more stubborn than a mule, can be very irritable in the mornings and when distracted and has a few too many selfish characteristics than can possibly be ignored! Leo and Sagittarius seem to be most compatible with Aries, but there are many factors that make an Aries loveable! Once an Aries has fallen head over heels in love, he or she might foolishly pursue the relationship until long after it is dead, and friends and family might puzzle over such determination!

      Being an Aries comes with a few weaknesses. You can't expect to find yourself happy in a job where you aren't given any responsibilities that allow you to take things to the next level. If you marry another strongly opinionated person, you'll end up in frequent passionate fights! However, the strength of being an Aries is that people will always know where they stand with you. Those who get past the abrasive parts of your personality will be loyal to you until the end. When a group of friends is trying to find out the restaurant at which to eat, they can always count on the Aries to loudly protest or eagerly champion the restaurants in the mix until the decision has been made! Aries, the ram, is a go-getter, and the kind of person that can get things done once and for all, so everyone else, get out of the way! Bookmark and Share

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