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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, all rights reserved.

      Do you seem to have a higher reading level than your friends? Do you love on-line social networks? Can you stubbornly defend your position in a debate until the cows come home? Have you been known to go to great lengths to gather evidence in order to "win?" Are you very intuitive but find it impossible to follow your gut if you don't have hard evidence to follow it up? If this sounds like you, you just might be an Aquarius!

      Aquarius, the water bearer, includes those born between January 21st and February 19th. As children, the Aquarius can be an intellectual, and might be singled out in a positive way by teachers. Though an individual who may not have crowds of followers, the Aquarius child is at his or her best when connected to a community that share interests. Be sure to encourage the Aquarius to join clubs and other social groups! The Aquarius may excel at science class. Though remarkably tolerant of the beliefs of others, the Aquarius will not hesitate to set out alone if he or she feels excluded. Channeling the sense of fairness of the Aquarius into humanitarian efforts may start a life-long love affair with charity.

      In the work-place the Aquarius will always stand up for what he or she believes, even if it means being fired or becoming unpopular! Excellent at making connections, the Aquarius is resourceful when placed in a work position that makes him or her vital to the community. Very rational and smart as a whip, the Aquarius is at home crunching numbers or working with incredibly high-level ideas. The Aquarius is creative and can think outside the box, coming up with innovate and yet practical solutions to problems. Some of the ideas may be ahead of the time of some employers! In fact, the Aquarius often has the problem of being smarter than his or her boss! An Aquarius may make conservative goals since he or she is very realistic, but can sometimes be very "all or nothing" and thus may appear inconsistent over a long period if perceived "failures" start piling up among the successes. One career problem for Aquarius is setting goals too low and then ducking out of responsibilities when he or she does not feel intellectually challenged enough. An Aquarius is not the best at following rules and regulations that don't seem to have a practical purpose, so the Aquarius has been known to break a few stupid laws and fudge a few numbers as long as nobody gets hurt!

      The Aquarius may choose a lover out of his or her social group, so friends first can often work best. Sometimes a mate might even be found in the workplace! An Aquarius is opinionated, but experience may teach him or her to be slow to reveal personal truths due to conflicts that inevitably follow! Aquarius people are quirky but loveable, and may have several eccentricities about them about which the are unapologetic! The Aquarius can tolerate a lot from a loved one, and the downside of that is that he or she is good at making excuses for a partner who may be slacking! Aquarius opinions are accepted as fact by him or her because they have been thoroughly researched. An unsupported position offered in return will only garner contempt from an Aquarius! Thus, when a relationship goes sour, it is very rarely a quiet affair with a mutual break-up. Often times there are either grand fireworks, or the Aquarius simply disappears into the night after making a bold case! Aquarius is most compatible with other Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.

      The weakness of an Aquarius is his or her tremendous intelligence. It can be hard to find match, and so the Aquarius may find big gaps in life in which he or she feels isolated. A strength of the Aquarius is the ability to be utterly rational, even in a heated argument. An Aquarius lawyer would rarely lose a case, and it would be tough to try to pull the wool over the eyes of an Aquarius in a relationship! An Aquarius cannot be intimidated by threats, because he or she can always find a work-around. Bookmark and Share

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