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An Elephant In The Bedroom

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, Gossamer Threads Inc., all rights reserved. Originally published as "The Elephant In The Bedroom: Marriages That Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction" on 10/12/2009 in PressBox.

      The topic hangs in the air, the elephant in the room; a frustrated husband wants sex but doesn’t initiate it because he’s already resigned that his wife won’t want it. A worried wife avoiding bringing up the lack of intimacy, feeling the blame is already squarely on her, and wishing there was some kind of female Viagra magic pill to pop to make the problem disappear!

      We already know that, in our society, men often desire sex and feel sexually aroused more frequently than women. But when quizzed, most women say they want more sex, regardless of whether they’re busy with a job or a new baby! Marriages are strained due to worry about external affairs, and communication dysfunction that arises when no solution to the problem is apparent.

      If she’s gone to the doctor and ruled out hormonal problems, it can feel to her like there’s something wrong with her brain. Women naturally are aroused in different ways then men. Often, seeing her husband naked isn’t enough, while the sight of his wife’s body drives him wild! But the husband initiating the type of actions that might get her excited can also feel like pressure to a woman who is worried that her physical and mental arousal won’t come and she’ll have to either call things to a halt and start an argument, or lay back and not have a fun time.

      Now, a woman can be in charge of her own mental and physical arousal with erotic hypnosis. Listening to an audio recording and meditating before bed can allow her to slowly pick up steam at her own pace, and be the leader in the bedroom whenever she wishes! Giving her more confidence and control can help her heal her own sexual dysfunction without the unwanted power dynamics of a well-meaning but sexually-frustrated husband throwing a monkey wrench into things! Let a tigress emerge to do away with that elephant in the room! Bookmark and Share

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